Friday, April 30, 2010

It's Baseball Season

It's baseball season, and now that the kids in our family are getting older, everyone is starting to get into the competition.  Clayton's game last weekend was rained out and we're keeping our fingers crossed that it doesn't happen again this weekend.  But in the meantime, we've been making the rounds to other ballparks to cheer everyone else on!

I just had to share this picture I got of my brother and my nephew though--Josh is coaching the team, so he gets to stand in the field and help the boys out.  And when I saw them standing side by side, I had flashbacks of the many summers my family's world revolved around Josh's ball schedule.  That whole world is foreign to Brian, but I think it's one of the best parts of summer!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Clayton's Room

I finally took pictures of Clayton's finished room this week.  I know a couple of people out there were wanting to see the finished product, so sorry it's taken this long!  I might have mentioned this before, but when we started planning his move into this room, he was adamant that it be painted green.  It took me forever to find a comforter I liked with green in it (seemed everything was too young or too old for him).  Finally found this one at Target (it was the last one they had), so I jumped on it.  I really like the way it turned out.
I kept three of his stuffed animals out because they were significant, at least to me anyway.  The bear with the glasses is the one he made at Build-a-Bear and I'm hoping the other two are recognized by the people who gave them to him.  :)

We left plenty of room for his wheelchair to get in front of the window and he absolutely loves the view.  And even if he is still in bed, he can wave to Daddy as he leaves for work.  (He is obsessed with waving at everyone as they leave!)
I had a bulletin board in my room growing up, and I decided it could be just as cool for a boy's room--it's a great place to put his stuff from school and church.  He got the tool set for Christmas and he doesn't "play" with them, only uses them if he is "helping" Daddy with a project.  But they do get played with plenty.  Jackson makes sure they are scattered from here to yonder by the end of each day.  :)
I got this artwork at Target as well--it was  perfect for Clayton since he loves, loves, loves vehicles--trucks especially!

Clayton loves his new space.  Loves it so much we often wonder if he'll ever want to join us in the living room again!  I'm so used to him being with me all the time, it's taking some adjusting.  But it's definitely time for him to have his own time in his own room!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mighty Warriors

This weekend we had a Prayer Summit at our church.  Pastor Corey Jones of Crossroads Tabernacle was our leader in this endeavor.  I thought all day yesterday about what I would write about the weekend.  There really is no way to describe the movement of the Holy Spirit! 

He gave me lots to think about and I do believe our church will never be the same as a result of his insights.  I think the biggest revelation for me was the reminder that we are all MIGHTY WARRIORS in the sight of God (Judges 6).  When we pray, we use the most powerful sword imaginable against the enemy--and when we pray, the enemy is sent shaking in his boots!!!  Satan doesn't mind Bible study classes, regular church services, Sunday School parties, outreach programs, etc.  He infiltrates those types of meetings ALL. THE. TIME.  (How many of you know what I'm talking about here?!)  But a corporate prayer meeting?  When we are crying out to the Lord, calling down His Glory into our midst . . . Satan is powerless against it! 

"After they prayed, the place where they were meeting was shaken.  And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke the Word of God boldly." ~Acts 4:31

Never again will I get nervous in a prayer meeting when everyone is praying aloud.  And never again will I get nervous when people are lifting their hands in prayer.  It's taken me many years at a {semi}-charismatic church to get to this point, but I am finally in that place of not caring what others think.  If falling on my knees and crying out to the Lord will bring healing to Clayton (not the only prayer in my life, but it's at the top of the list), then let me humble myself before Him and let His will be done!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Help a Brother Out

Jackson is constantly pushing Clayton's chair these days. (Yes, he is quite strong enough to move it while Clayton is in it!)  At home, it gets a little dangerous since Clayton tends to go in circles on his own and Jackson can't get out of the way fast enough, but when we were at the park the other day, they seemed to actually be working together at moving the chair forward!  It's definitely interesting and comforting watching this part of their relationship unfold.
The only problem seems to be when Jackson puts the brakes on and can't figure out how to get them moving again!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It Was Clayton's Idea

Clayton volunteered to hold Jackson in his "black chair" so I didn't pass up the opportunity to get a new blog header out of the deal!  It's overdue for sure--hope everyone likes!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Counting to Ten

After the fourth or fifth time I took Jackson out of the dishwasher as I was trying to load it, I finally decided to calm my nerves by taking a few pictures.  Worked a whole lot better than fighting a losing battle!  And Jackson really liked it when he figured out it was entertaining Clayton:

Disclaimer:  No child was harmed in the taking of these pictures.  :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

He's a Ballplayer, Not a Benchwarmer!

Look at Clayton!  On the ready for any ground ball!!  That's what any tough third baseman looks like--no matter what league you play in!  Today's game was wonderful.  Seeing all the kids out there smiling (most of them at least!), having a blast just being kids, accepted as they are.  Clayton got a little nervous when the coach was putting on his jersey, but after that he warmed up quite well to his helper, Ms. Pam.  I don't think she pushed him around the bases fast enough, but she was able to talk him into wearing his glove longer than I've ever seen him keep something on his left hand, so I say kudos to her!

We've been practicing hitting off a tee, but they didn't use a tee in the game.  Guess we''ll have to do some more practicing with an actual pitcher!  And here he is ready to run at the crack of the bat: 

Playing second:

And just plain having fun:

I can't wait for next Saturday's game!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

In Which They Bond

They spend time every morning and every afternoon being nosey, watching the action of the neighborhood together.  Maybe not the chosen activity of typical sets of brothers, but they seem as content as two peas in a pod during these moments together.   

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Baseball: Here He Comes!!

Clayton's practicing for his first ballgame this weekend!  You can tell by that pursed lip that he's concentrating!  I've been looking forward to seeing him participate in baseball.  The soccer league was a bit of challenge with him having little to no use of his legs--it'll be fun to see him race around the bases in his chair!!! 
He can hit the ball on his own, but he's really more interested in taking the tee apart . . . I just hope stagefright doesn't get him those first couple of games since he tends to tense up around strangers.  I'm praying the fun involved will help him loosen up immediately so he can make friends with his coaches and buddies!

Friday, April 09, 2010

I Have to Brag

Clayton was SUCH a big boy today.  Today, for the FIRST TIME EVER, they took blood from him at the hosptial and he DID NOT CRY!!  He is usually hyperventilating and in meltdown mode during any stick, but today he handled it beautifully!!  Of course it helped that the nurse was extremely experienced and took plenty of time to find a vein (nearly impossible after all the damage his veins have endured).  When she finally did stick him, he tried to tune up, but we talked him out of it--instead he sat and made conversation with her and worried about Jackson misbehaving (and yes, he was misbehaving during the whole appointment!).  I am so, so PROUD of him for making it through a procedure without completely losing it!!  Now if we could just overcome x-rays, we'll be home free!!

Thursday, April 08, 2010

This Week

We had a wonderful Easter--the weather was great and the time with family was special.  I tried my best to get a group shot of us, but as group shots normally go, not one turned out to be great of everyone--oh well, at least we're all there together!!  Clayton was laughing at me running back and forth from the camera in my heels!
Jackson spent most of the day clinging to me, but he did find time to climb all over my brother.  And Clayton enjoyed hunting for eggs since he only watched at the church egg hunt. 

This next pic pretty much sums up how the rest of the week has been going.  Jackson is all. over. the. place.  I'm pretty much following behind him putting out fires.  Clayton also has doctor's appointments on three days of this week.  Can't really get anything done when your whole day is scheduled around sitting in a waiting room.
He thinks nothing of climbing in and over things.  Scary what he'll do in the future!!

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter: HE'S ALIVE!

There in the ground His body lay,
Light of the world by darkness slain.
Then bursting forth in glorious Day,
Up from the grave He rose again!
And as He stands in victory,
Sin’s curse has lost its grip on me!
For I am His and He is mine,
Bought with the precious blood of Christ!

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Ten Months

17 pounds, 2 1/2 ounces (10th percentile)
28 3/4 inches long (75th percentile)
(tall, but tiny!)

I really can't believe that Jackson is ten months old today!  He has opened our eyes in so many refreshing ways, he is truly a blessing and miracle to our family.  His little personality is emerging more and more each day, I love learning all the little details that are special to only him.  Thank you, Lord, for the beautiful gift that is our baby son!

Jackson is . . .

**now smiling with eight teeth

**standing for brief moments without any support

**a future climber--his leg hikes up, just can't quite get on top of most things

**waving constantly, yelling "HEY!" to everyone

**saying Da-da, a couple of times with true meaning

**constantly babbling about something, telling me many stories even as we ride in the car

**determined that "NO" means "YES!"

**still loving the taste of dog food (see previous)

**loving the dog, although she runs and hides whenever he gets near

**determined to feed himself--shuns baby food

**finally acclimated to the church nursery (big YAY on that one!)

**finally enjoying the attention of strangers--loves flashing his grin at them

**still attached to his comfort item, the ever-present bottle

**still waking at night, but drifts back off with just a few comforting touches

**still the cutest little stinker around.  :)

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Just a Day in the Life . . .

Just a quick play by play of my Thursday, April 1:

**still not used to waking up AND getting up at 6:30 or 7:00, but Jackson's determined to break me in.

**I did get to cheat a bit this morning though--Jackson stayed in the bathroom while Brian took a shower, and I snuggled with Clayton in his bed for old times sake.  :)

**reality hit when Brian delivered Jackson to me with a dirty diaper--still wondering why he didn't attempt to change it.  He ended up having to help me anyway since after I laid Jackson down and had his diaper off, I realized the poop was all the way up his back.  So at 7:30, I was giving Jackson a bath. 

**Jackson was his normal on-the-go self, so I spent the next couple of hours chasing him around, generally putting out fires and avoiding all sorts of crises.  (The main crisis being when Jackson gets run over by Clayton's crazy circle driving!).

**Decided I would get myself a shower . . . Jackson usually just pines after me through the doors like we haven't seen each other in ages, but today he figured out how to open the door.  So I bathed while holding the door closed with my knee.  But when I turned around to shave me legs, it took me a few minutes to realize that he had actually climbed into the shower with me, fully clothed.  When I turned around he was completely soaked, and not bothered by it one bit.  I got him out, and quickly wrapped up the leg shaving before he was back in again!

**While I got dressed, he climbed in the shower again.  Guess it's his new favorite place.

**After I distracted him from the shower, he decided climbing completely underneath the bathroom lavatory was even better (once he had cleared the entire cabinet out that is!).

**I finally got us all loaded up for the therapy run, and before I could get the wheelchair in the van, the phone started ringing.  Left the chair in the garage next to the van without the brakes on . . . (you know what's coming next, right?)  Answered the phone, it's a doctor's office reminding me of our appointment.  As soon as she identifies herself, I see the wheelchair rolling down the driveway, on its way into the road!  I started screaming into the phone, "OUR WHEELCHAIR IS GOING INTO THE ROAD!!!  OUR WHEELCHAIR!"  I dropped the phone and luckily by the time I got out there it had veered off into the grass and stopped.  Clayton couldn't breathe he was laughing so hard, and even though I explained to the lady on the phone, I'm sure she was thinking I was a complete nut!

**After therapy, we went Krogering.  I've only ventured to Target with the wheelchair and Jackson, so Kroger was going to be something new.  With the old chair, it seemed to do well with me putting it directly behind the buggy, and letting Clayton essentially push the buggy with Jackson in it.  Not so with the new wheelchair . . . but it took me until the bread aisle to figure out it wasn't going to work like that!  I limped along making a complete fool of myself while we waited to find the groove that would work--we got some stares that's for sure!  I finally ended up pushing Clayton's chair and pulling the buggy.  Which gave the caboose to Jackson--which he didn't like since I was more than two inches away from him.  So to show his displeasure, he constantly needed another snack, and constantly needed his bottle since he was constantly throwing it down on the ground.  Yeah, he knows he's got me . . .

**We lost my list on aisle two, so we had to back track until I found it on the floor.  Backtracking with our train is not fun!

**Jackson threw about half of his cheez-its in the floor in the Easter aisle.  Loved cleaning up that mess!

**The only consolation was that since Clayton was looking so awesome in his chair, several people were commenting on how cute he was (it's been a long time since strangers have fawned over him like they did today).  I think he just looks more comfortable and so "little boy."  It's just so much better!

**And even though Jackson was a stinker, people were fawning over him too--he is definitely a cutie, and he knows it full well!! 

**Thankfully, Jackson fell asleep on the way home and Clayton and I were able to enjoy some quite time unloading the groceries and other chores before he woke back up with renewed energy.  And thankfully, there were no other major happenings for the rest of the evening--I think we all needed the break!