Friday, November 22, 2013

No One is Immune

Yesterday, Clayton had dental work done in the operating room--a routine procedure for him.  Routine except that for the first time in ten years, Clayton had to see a dentist other than Dr. Koonce, who happens to be The Best Pediatric Dentist Ever.  He is on medical leave, and we are missing his sweet spirit; and this momma was a bit anxious about dealing with a new doc.  My fears were unfounded, as it turned out, because the new Dr. Dentist was very pleasant and great to work with.  
He officially won our hearts when he got TEARY-EYED while simply recounting his report from the procedure.  He had only known Clayton for a couple of hours, and even he wasn't immune to how special this little boy is.  He eventually cut our conversation short because he got misty eyed a second time talking about how taking care of patients like Clayton helps him sleep well at night. :)  It seems Clayton impacted yet another life, simply by being Clayton.