Thursday, February 20, 2014

Forward Progress

A year ago, we were at our wit's end with Clayton and his lack of PT progress.  He had not made any gains in a few years, and his attitude was less than stellar.  He was being hateful with his therapist and ending up in time out instead of completing therapy.  I spent two meetings at the clinic crying because I was so embarrassed by his behavior, but at a loss as to how to help him with his frustrations.  

In July we started giving him essential oils and in November, I started giving him Young Living's blended juice, Ningxia Red, which contains wolfberries and many essential oils.  We also renewed our prayers as we charted this new course of treatment.  He's been on an uphill climb ever since.  He just keeps doing better and better and most importantly, is MOTIVATED to participate in therapy!  That in itself improves the sessions 100%!  

He has really been working hard on transferring himself to a bench from his chair, and yesterday I was able to see him do it virtually by himself.  Reesha's hand was only there as a spot, and he was doing most of the work.  Granted, this was the fifth or sixth time he had done it, so by the time I arrived, he was pretty pooped.  But I was still impressed with just how far he's come in his attitude and his strength!  What a difference a year makes.  Can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for Clayton over the next year!  

*You should be seeing a video of Clayton in PT here . . . some people are seeing a video from a couple of years ago of my brother and I singing.  Not sure where it's coming from since it is on my SIL's YouTube channel.  ???