Friday, March 27, 2015

In Which He Sees Himself

Since Clayton has become independent in movement, I've noticed a trend when he finds a full length mirror or reflection of himself in a window.  




It's another one of those developmental things I suppose he never got to fully explore.  We definitely had all the little baby toys with mirrors, and his therapists have used them as motivational and teaching tools, but he's never really been able to totally soak in his own reflection.  

But I wonder if it's more than that?  I wonder what he thinks as he sits in front of a hotel mirror for over thirty minutes (and only moving because we had to leave).  I wonder if he has the same questions we all have . . . the "whys?" and "why nots?"  If so, I hope he doesn't dwell on it.  I hope he looks in the mirror and sees potential in front of him.  I pray he sees the odds stacked against him and declares silently that he will continue to overcome them all.