Tuesday, May 29, 2007

This is What I Would Like to Know:

How can a card that is mailed to me from across town on May 24 get to me on the same day as the card that was mailed from Australia on May 24?

Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a great weekend on the lake--and as you can see, Clayton even rode in the tube! My pictures didn't turn out great because the sun was setting and I couldn't keep still enough to keep things in focus! We were all a little disappointed in the weather. It couldn't have been less cooperative. It actually poured down rain on us as we were getting the boat ready--but we endured and had a great time anyway. The sun finally came out late Sunday afternoon. And of course it was hot and sunny today--it figures, since we stayed home today . . . .
And thank you to everyone for your birthday wishes! I'm another year older, but I'm feeling the exact same as yesterday. I am wondering where the last 10 or 15 years ran off to though!

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Today is one of those days when I just want to sit and vege. I did a little housework earlier this week (enough to get by), and I went to Wal-Mart yesterday, so I'm just feeling like a bum today! I am doing the neverending laundry and entertaining Clayton, but I'm thinking he'll want a nap soon. :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Design Team Work

All of these cards were made with the May Card Kit from Inspire Me Card Kits. I only added ribbon, brads, the Happy Birthday stamp and Ranger ink.

Monday, May 21, 2007

No Matter Where You Go In Life . . .

. . . you start and end with family. Friday was my maternal grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary, and Saturday we gathered to celebrate with them. It was the first time all of my cousins were together (except for one) since my wedding ten years ago. And although I was worried about it feeling strange, it turned out to be an enjoyable day. I'm almost certain I can say a good time was had by all. Here are some snapshots of the day--I didn't get all the pics I wanted and some people seem to be good at avoiding the camera, but I'll get them eventually! The last pics are of me and my cousins--you'll be able to guess who the biggest cut up is!

(My brother and I are in the middle, the two on the outside are brothers and the two in the back are brothers).

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Online Crop

Be sure and join us at Inspire Me Card Kits for our online Pajama Party this weekend (May 18-19)--Dannie is celebrating one year of having a kit site and there will be lots of prizes and giveaways for participants!!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Little Fits

So this is what Clayton is doing on the boat if my mom isn't holding him:

Needless to say, all of the boats around us disappeared after a while. Guess they just couldn't take the echo of a three year old screaming for his way. He just doesn't get that Granny can't hold him all the time! He's starting to throw these little fits more often, and I'm thinking he's finally going through his terrible twos. With babies as premature as he was, they tend to be delayed in a lot of things, and I guess this is just one more thing--we have the terrible threes instead!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Here's a Crazy One For Ya

So I went to the dentist today. Brian and I both had appointments to get our teet cleaned. But when I got back there, Gail, (the hygenist who has known me since my birth) asks me about my heart murmur. I said I don't know, I've just always been told by my mom that I have a heart murmur and everytime I get my blood pressure checked, no one can ever count my heartbeats because my heart beats weird or something. So she proceeds to explain to me that since it's in my record (one of those long lists that I just checked that I had been diagnosed with), their new policy is that I can't get my teeth cleaned until I get it officially checked out! Since bleeding may occur in my mouth and bacteria may be present, it "might" collect in my heart and cause problems later. (Which means they need to premedicate with antibiotics). Ugh! Now, I'm not worried about all this, but IT'S JUST ONE MORE THING! It means in order to get my teeth cleaned, I have to get this checked out by one, maybe two other doctors, make another appointment with the dentist, find childcare for Clayton, cancel Clayton's therapies, etc. The good thing about Brian and me going together is that we can take turns sitting with Clayton while the other one is getting worked on. This is why I never take time to make appointments for myself!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Six years ago today, Brian's mom passed away after a long fight with lung cancer. Today the memory is especially strong simply because she died on a Tuesday. I've been reflecting on the events of that day--I remember Brian calling me at work--he was devastated. Thankfully, I was able to leave and immediately started making plans to get to Florida. Of course that "bereavement fare" that the airlines talk about is such a crock. It cost us over $400 a piece to fly that trip. Not much of a discount if you ask me. At any rate, the anniversary of her death is always weird simply because it is always the week before Mother's Day. Brian still has the gift he bought her for Mother's Day that year. I don't think either one of us will ever be able to get rid of it. It's just weird. She was only 45. That's only 15 years older than I am now! Will I have done everything I wanted to do in just 15 more years? Seems like such a short amount of time for a life these days. When she was sick, I never dreamed that I would miss her once she was gone. Yes, we got along, but we weren't the best of friends by any means. But now that she is gone, Brian's life has changed tremendously. I miss her for his sake mostly. And for Clayton's sake definitely. I wish Clayton could have known her because she would have loved him to death. I saw the way she loved her other grandkids and they were her world. I wish Clayton could have known that love as well. My mom is his bestest friend, but it wouldn't have hurt a bit for him to have known his other Granny. And because of her death, my father-in-law has remarried and had another child who is Clayton's age. Clayton won't even really get to have a semi-close relationship with him either simply because he's definitely got his hands full with his new little family. I'm not really sad today, just mainly wondering why God works the way he does. Seems like I spend half my time doing that! (Like it ever helps!!!)

Monday, May 07, 2007

Weekend Recap

The plan was to go to the lake Saturday, and when we woke up the weather was not "lake" weather. Lots of clouds and it looked like it could rain any minute. But I really was determined to go, so I talked everyone back into it. We ended up going, and while the sun definitely didn't shine, we had a good day and relaxed a lot. Of course Sunday was a beautiful sunshiney day. It figures. I did learn that as I get older, my obsessive/compulsive nature is getting worse. I was almost physically ill because we had made plans and they were changing! My whole day was going to be totally messed up and I couldn't adjust--I'm glad we decided to go anyway because I would have been sulky if we hadn't! Now, Brian, on the other hand is the complete opposite--NO plan is HIS PLAN. He loves to fly by the seat of his pants and it drives him crazy that I can't adjust--don't know if we'll ever get together on that issue.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Sun-Kissed (sort of)

I know tanning is bad for you, but it is amazing how much better I feel about myself when I look in the mirror and see some actual color on my skin. I feel healthier and a lot prettier. Even if it's a sunburn! I don't tan regularly--just this time of year (I'm not very dedicated), but I am glad for the little bit it helps! My philosphy is tanned fat is prettier than white fat!!!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

We had band practice last night and even though Mike wasn't there, we really got "People Get Ready" nailed down. We're planning to practice again with him on Friday so we'll have it ready for May 20 when I'm scheduled to sing at church. I'm excited about singing this song because it really goes along with what Pastor Tim has been preaching about lately: being BOLD in reaching the lost to Christ. I'm praying that I can become so much better at this--and maybe my music will help me begin to share my faith with more people. And maybe someday we'll actually get something on a CD so I can share it here!!