Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Evidence of Growth

I think I've mentioned before that it hasn't always been roses for Brian and me.  We've had plenty of dark days in our marriage, but our commitment has kept us going.  Our foundation of faith carried us through even when we felt like running far, far away.  It has been with those dark days that our spiritual growth has occurred--kind of a "behind the scenes" growth that you don't even really know is happening.  And after I got off the phone with Brian yesterday, I just couldn't help but praise the Lord in amazement.  I had called him needing reassurance and prayer for something and I ended up getting one of the best spiritual pep talks ever!  I didn't have to call my preacher.  Didn't have to call a Christian mentor.  Didn't have to call one of the "church ladies."  I simply called my husband.  My life partner.  The one created especially for me by the Lord Himself.  

This change didn't happen by accident.  We have intentionally immersed ourselves in a family of believers who have continually uplifted and prayed for us.  We've done the "Christian thing" even when the last thing we felt was "Christ-like."  We have intentionally chosen to leave some things that we loved behind, simply because they weren't God-honoring or His will for our lives.  Moreover, God is still pruning us as individuals and as a partnership.    

We are by no means perfect.  There is still A LOT of refining still to take place, but thank God He has brought us this far!  I can't wait to see what the next ten years will bring in our relationship--we've come a long way and we're ready to travel even further.