Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Contest Entries

I just finished the Team Scrappin' Contest over at sassacraft.com. My partner was Patti H and I really enjoyed doing my first online contest with her. We didn't win, but we did get some great layouts done and we got a few votes here and there. Maybe next time we'll do better!
Our first assignment was to use a black background, at least one word of our title had to be black, and both team members had to use the same layout title. Patti scrapped a pic of her grandson and I scrapped this pic of Clayton--the title was the perfect choice for these cuties! The journaling is about how Clayton melted our hearts when he repeated the words "I love you" back to us.
The next assignment was a little harder for me. We had to choose a sketch as a team and both use it as our "map" for our layout. The curve in our sketch was totally hard for me, since I usually stay with straight lines! Brian says he couldn't believe I was posting this online because it's "not my best work." Oh well. Got these pics scrapped at least!
We had a bonus challenge that same week and we had to create a card with two brads, at least one heart, and at least one photo corner. This is what I came up with:

The next week was even harder for me because we had to alter something. I am NOT an alterer. I would much rather stick with layouts.

For a bonus challenge, we had to use the title "Simple Pleasures" in a layout. I love how this turned out (got to use my Cricut). The journaling is just a list of some things that make Clayton happy.

For the last week, the theme was pink and orange. One team member had to do a pink layout, the other, an orange layout. I am SO not good with orange, but this is what I came up with:

I'm going to be doing another contest at scrapforums.com--it starts in February. Even if I don't win, these contests do force me to step out of my creative box--it's neat to see what you can come up with when you get the assignment.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

I Have a Praise!

We found a lead guitar player! His name is Mike and it was truly a God thing on how he came about. He just moved to town about two weeks ago, and he was at the music store last week when Brian ran into him. They started talking (Brian probably held him hostage to talk!), and he mentioned that he had played around with some guys in Texas and would love to play in a band here, but he really didn't know anyone. Brian invited him to practice Thursday, and we had an awesome time playing together. We all left that night in great spirits--it felt great to have somebody that could play and was totally excited about the project!
I asked Kent Sunday if he knew anyone who played the drums and he mentioned that Rod (who sings in our choir) maybe played. Charlie had him play for him Wednesday and he said he was rusty, but was solid. So all this time a drummer was right under our noses! We all meet together Tuesday night--I can't wait to see how it sounds!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Still Busy!

Today--Dad's Birthday--HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Clayton has two doctor's appointments, one is the dentist and that one should be interesting!
Our church was broken into and robbed blind and totally ransacked. Charlie's amp was even stolen. Who would do such a thing?
The Milk of Magnesia is DEFINITELY working for Clayton. I won't tell you all the details, but let's just say that he left the office basically naked yesterday because he had poop on every piece of clothing he was wearing.
I wonder about one of Clayton's therapists (she's the newest one). She is ALWAYS late or forgets to come. VERY FRUSTRATING. She was supposed to be here this morning for just a few minutes before we left and I finally called and told her not to bother coming by--she was just now coming in from another school district, still about 20 minutes away from our house.
Off to the doctor!

Friday, January 19, 2007


I need to finish an altered project and a layout for the contest, go to the post office, and visit my grandparents before they forget what I look like. So far, I'm not making very good time. I hope I start moving faster soon . . .but it's just not in my nature!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

2007 So Far

It's been a busy year for me so far! These are the things that I'm doing with my time:

participating in a contest at sassacraft.com
attending choir practice again
working on the band issues and practicing with Brian
working a few hours at my mom's office
getting ready for three classes at my LSS
hosting the ScrapJazzy awards at ScrapJazz (whew, that's a lot of work!)
submitting layouts like crazy to DT calls and magazines
and of course, doing the regular mom things that I do here at home

I've basically hit the ground running here in January. I like it, but I do miss my naps!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Same Song, Different Verse

We had an awesome practice last night. Why is that bad? Because James "can't commit" either. So we have a drummer and a guitar player who we love to play with, and neither one can commit. Ugh. So Brian, Charlie and I are going to keep on chuggin' along, and we hope something big will happen soon--maybe God will just drop someone in our laps to complete our group!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Yesterday Clayton had his first swallow study since 2004 and he PASSED! He threw a fit, crying and gagging the whole time, but he never once aspirated (let the liquid go into his lungs). I was so proud of him and definitely relieved. Basically this means that we can be more aggressive on getting him to at least taste baby foods and he can do lots of theraputic work on his feeding. He still has a long way to go, but at least we know he is protecting his lungs while he works on eating. GO CLAYTON!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Making Music

So last year our "original" band broke up. We lost our drummer and keyboard player and we decided to just take a rest for a while. Rest time is over! I've really been wanting to get back into the groove, but getting started is proving to be tough. Right now, the members of the band officially are only me and Brian and our bass player, Charlie. We are all ready to go, but we are on the search for a drummer and another guitar player. We have a drummer in mind, but he is having trouble committing, which is making us nervous--we definitely want someone who is excited about the project. He is an excellent musician, and he is great at actually producing the music. I just wish he would get a sign from God that this is the way he should go. In the meantime, we have a guitar player coming to house Thursday night for a small jam session just to see if we mesh with him. I know he's talented, it's just a matter of seeing if he fits with us and with our music. I'm really hoping this is the start of something big for us. I have so much on my heart that I want to share with other people and I know that music can be a great outlet for that, not to mention just a fun way to pass the time.

Friday, January 05, 2007

T. G. I. F. !!!

Off to enjoy the day--lots of things to do that I've put off all week. Clayton is definitely ready to get out of the house. I'm just glad it stopped raining!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Leftover Thoughts from Christmas

On Christmas Eve, I was able to sing with the choir and it felt so good to be a part of them. Felt really good to sing at the top of my lungs! At any rate, we sang the now classic Christmas song Mary, Did You Know? and the words rang truer than ever for me.

The blind will see!
The deaf will hear!
The dead will live again!
The dumb will speak
The Praises of the Lamb!!
THE LAME WILL LEAP! How reassuring to know that eventually Clayton will walk! If not in this life, but in Heaven above. God could have easily healed Shawn if He had wanted, but He chose not too. But the dead will live again--in Christ and through Christ. And if He so chooses, Clayton will walk unassisted someday. I've seen a part of these words come to fruition just this week. Our music pastor's daughter was born deaf. Her family has prayed her entire life that she will one day hear. Today, 20 years later, their prayers are coming true. She is getting a cochlear implant put in as I type this. THE DEAF WILL HEAR! And even though it took 20 years, they are definitely getting the answer to their prayer. How amazing and how encouraging!
So I will keep praying the promises of God and keep singing His praises--one day I will get an answer!