Friday, September 11, 2009


We just wrapped up our first week with Before Five in a Row. Corduroy is one of those classics that's been around forever, so it was perfect to start with.

On the bookshelf:
A Pocket for Corduroy

On the IPOD playlist:
What a Friend We Have in Jesus by The Wonder Kids
Penny, Nickel, Dime, Quarter by Ron Brown
Money by Ron Brown

Online Resources:

Doesn't he just look sooo excited to help mom take the pics???

We spent a lot of time working with buttons this week: sorting, counting, talking about colors, etc. And we even did some sewing (waaay out of my comfort zone!). It didn't take Clayton long to catch on to the pattern of sewing--front, back, pulling the thread tight . . . he helped me with both buttons after he figured out what I was doing. And when I stopped to take pictures he tried his best to do one himself. You can see he's concentrating by the lean he's got going on!
We had a bible verse for the week: Proverbs 17:17. Clayton halfway learned it--he could finish it if I started it for him. We listed all of his friends on the heart. He practiced writing his F's as well.

Again, counting and pre-writing:

We retold the story using this rhyme book--he had to put the right picture with the right part of the story.

We also used these flashcards from throughout the week. Today was our field trip to the mall. :) We went to Build-a-Bear and also went for a ride on the escalator since that's what Corduroy does in the book. He was a little overwhelmed in the Build-a-Bear store since he has so many sensory issues--a fluffy bear isn't exactly on his list of favorites! But he stayed pretty interested and mostly liked using the computer for the birth certificate. He did name his bear all on his own: Zacchaeus (which I incorrectly spelled on the birth certificate: Zacheus!) This has been his favorite song of late . . . Here are the pics from our day at the mall. I wanted to help him with everything, but as usual he preferred The Teacher's Aide (A.K.A. Daddy) to help him.

Cleaning the bear was fun for him--he loved the noise the machine made--sounded just like a vacuum cleaner!

All in all, a good week at school!


Jenkins said...

That is so fantastic. Sign me up for your school!
What creative ideas and a fun way to learn.

Nilsa said...
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Nilsa said...

Such great lesson and at the same time tons of fun. Pictures are great too!

Leslie said...

those were two of my fave books as a child and my kids love them too! It looks a successful week and a fun field trip! You're one amazing mom!!

April said...

Clayton is so handsome! I enjoyed reading about the activities you are doing with him! Fun to "meet" you on KIDZ!