Friday, November 30, 2007

Have I Told You About Brian's New Toy?

On Black Friday we ventured out to shop with our houseguests, even though I would have preferred staying home. And since we were out, I could tell Brian was itching to make a purchase. He stayed in the kitchen section of each store. He finally told me that he had been comparing expresso machines. He does spend lots of money at Starbucks so I was fine with whatever he wanted. But little did I know what he would do once he got it home! The first afternoon he drank about six or seven expressos while "perfecting" his recipe. He was up until about 2:30 am! It wasn't that big a deal that night because he didn't have to work the next day, but last Sunday night was a totally different story. He was STILL drinking expressos at 9:30 just like they were cups of water. HE DID NOT SLEEP AT ALL Sunday night! I think he finally laid down around 5:00 am!!! I think it finally dawned on him that he was going to have to drink in moderation or never sleep again! He said that was as close to doing crystal meth as he'll ever come! He's still using the machine a lot (ANNOYING sounding machine), but at night he's running tea through it thank goodness!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Checking In

Yes, I am here. Just busy with little things and not spending lots of time on the computer. My FIL and family were here from last Wednesday to Sunday so entertaining them took lots of my time. Clayton had a procedure done in the O. R. this morning, so I've been holding him and spoiling him for most of the day. He had his ear tubes removed and his teeth cleaned. His little preemie teeth look SO much better. The doctor explained that all of his medical issues and treatments have done nothing to help nuture the growth of strong, good looking teeth, so we're lucky that they've turned out as well as they have. I'm hoping his permanent teeth look better, but he also explained that they were being formed right after his birth and up to three years of age, so his health issues could have affected them as well. But this doctor was SUPER empathetic and assured me that whatever Clayton ended up with, if he could make it better, he would. You could tell by the way he talked and acted that he has a heart for these special kids. Such a 180 from the original dentist we saw there. Thank goodness we changed doctors!! But back to Clayton, he's been sleeping all day from the effects of the anesthisia. And of course now he's wide awake! Even so, I'm sure I won't have to beg him to get to sleep tonight--between the medicine and the getting up at 4 am, he's beat!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy after Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone had a great day yesterday! We spent the afternoon at my GrandMother's and then promptly came home for our after-turkey nap. Ah, the joys of Thanksgiving! Here is a song from Clayton--as usual he gets stagefright in front of the camera, so the only way I could get him on film was to get him while he was in the bathtub. I wish I could get one of him while he's sitting up, because he looks so much better and cuter then, but oh well! He kinda gave out on me by the end of this one, but at least you'll get to hear his sweet voice for a moment.

Monday, November 19, 2007

I've Got an Idea

Since I don't "work" my mind is always coming up with new projects that I could start, but I'm too tired to ever really act on them. My latest idea involves the other parents that I see daily at the clinic. I've always known there are other people out there with special needs children, but it wasn't until I started taking Clayton to the clinic that I realized that we really have lots in common and it would be great to share the burdens and joys of our children together. So my first idea was to set up some kind of social function for the parents/moms just so we could meet and visit with each other. That was several weeks ago when I thought of that and one of Clayton's therapists even encouraged me to talk to their non-profit person about helping me get it started. Then today I thought about how I could use scrapbooking as a bonding tool. I've really missed teaching my classes since the LSS closed, and I love the outlet that scrapbooking our story has provided for me. So why couldn't these other mothers do the same? I could come up with some different ideas on how to get them started on scrapbooking their child's journey or even their personal or family journey through life with special needs. That's what's always been my strong suit anyway in scrapbooking, the journaling and telling of the story. I'm definitely not known for my unique artistic skills--just known as a mother who pours her heart into her creations. I'm really thinking about giving this a go, just need to put my ideas on paper and talk to the non-profit lady about some help from the clinic. Surely they'll be willing!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Christmas Wish List

I wouldn't normally talk about what I want for Christmas unless someone asked, but since it's my blog, I figure I get to talk about it if I want. So here are just a few items on my wish list:

1. Windchimes
2. as many of these that I can get (I'm pretty sure they are being discontinued and I love these particular albums--I've needed some for a while as I don't have any room in my albums for my scrapbook pages anymore!)
3. Merle Norman gift certificate
4. Bon Jovi CD: Lost Highway
5. Kenny Chesney CD: Just Who I Am/Poets and Pirates
6. Sugarland CD: Enjoy the Ride
7. Loungewear/Pajamas
8. ANY gift certificate to Kohl's or Dress Barn (I'm seriously dress clothes poor right now-----WELL, at least dress clothes that FIT me!)

And that's all I can think of right now. Hopefully that will help the few of you who want to buy me something this year. :)

Monday, November 12, 2007

Time Seems to be Flying!

Has it really been six days since my last post? YIKES! I can't even tell you what I've actually accomplished during those days, just haven't really been on the computer much. Haven't been scrapping, and haven't been reading. Been sittin' I guess! Church was interesting yesterday because Brian was out of town and I had Clayton by myself and still had to sing on praise team and in the choir. He ended up sitting with my friend Jennifer and he was entertaining the whole section of people during the whole song service. He even went off to Children's Church with her and saw me as he left--never got upset once! He's growing up--doesn't need his momma as much anymore!
I don't really have much else on my mind at the moment, so I'll go for now--have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I Actually Scrapped!

I did this layout first:
And that got me warmed up for this one:
Journaling: When you were little the vacuum cleaner terrified you, but that's all changed now! You have your very own vacuum and you play with it everyday! You spend lots of time in the floor with that toy. And the vacuum isn't your only obsession . . . cars (particularly the red one), guitars, and your keyboard are all your favorite toys. You ask for each one of these at least once a day. It's so much fun watching your personality develop!

I'm hoping I'll get to scrap some more this week and I'll be as happy with those pages as I am with these!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween Photos

Clayton has always dressed up for Halloween, but last night was the first time that he really went trick or treating! He was a little overwhelmed at first, but he loved being out and about. He never did say anything to anyone as they gave him candy though. Just stared at them with his big blue eyes!



And here he is with his cousins and friends before the big walk around the block.