Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What's Up With Me?

I can't believe it's taken me this long to blog again! I haven't really been doing one thing in particular, but it seems like I'm just a busy bee running around in circles. So here are the highlights for those who are interested:
**Spending lots of time on my Bible Study (the teacher has to be ready!)
**The band is looking for a new drummer and still trying to play/practice at the same time.
**Sang a solo at church Sunday--the song was at the top of my range and my throat/voice is still not normal from all this congestion I'm still fighting. Praise the Lord I made it through without totally ruining the song!
**Clayton spent the night with Granny and Pop Friday night and as usual kept them up all night. Talk about sleep issues--that boy's got 'em!
**Brian and I worked at Upward Saturday morning and man is it hard for me to get out of bed for that! I am glad once I get there that I volunteered, but I am so not a morning person.
**Clayton is definitely becoming a little rebellious four year old. He has decided that not only will he hit himself and others out of frustration, he now also pulls at his button (feeding tube) and the gauze around it in rebellion. Drives me insane! And yes, he is getting disciplined, and no he doesn't care. His speech therapist had to put him in "timeout" the other day because he wouldn't stop pinching her after she had asked him to stop several times. He thinks it's a game but he should have stopped when she asked him to. I was a little worried about what timeout actually meant for him, but she said she just wheeled him around to face the opposite direction and it didn't even last a minute. I'm so hoping he doesn't become one of "those" kids!!!!
That's everything I can think of at the moment. Hope everyone has a good week!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Weekend Challenge!

I'm hosting a card challenge this weekend on Noel's blog. Hope you check it out!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Two More

Here's two more layouts to add to my latest. The first is this week's scripture challenge (6x6). And the second is my layout for this week's Bible Study topic (9x9).

There were several topics that were covered in this week's Bible Study because it was an overview of Galations. I chose to focus on my found freedom in God's forgiveness. Thank you so much to Patti for sending this picture she took of me in Texas--this is the second layout I've used it on, so I'm glad she sent it!

Journaling: Growing up I wasn't a rebellious child. I generally obeyed my parents and God. But there are a few things I did that haunt me. Outright sin! I've been very burdened by those transgressions, and I constantly ask for forgiveness. Thinking of those sins makes me physically ill! And it wasn't until recently that I realized the DEVIL is burdening me! GOD has forgiven me and is ready for me to look forward. I've denied God's forgiveness and given Satan power over me, and in turn not helped my witnessing power. NO MORE! I now accept God's forgiveness and vow to leave my past in the past where it belongs.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Latest Creations

Well there's one thing I can say about a new year with new challenges (namely the scripture challenge Patter is hosting), and that is I've got the scrapping bug again. I spent the last few months of 2007 in a creative rut, just not finding my groove, but I've really enjoyed the last few things I've done even when they aren't totally "perfect" in my view. The mini album was created for Noel's next challenge--everyone should do one of these for themselves simply because as scrappers we are usually focused on pictures/stories of everyone else and we tend to forget to tell our own story. It's nice to create something that's just about you. And I've really got the card bug right now too. My cards aren't near what I wish they were, but I'm really lovin' the fact that I can use my scraps and extras to create a beautiful card that may just make someone's day. I'm hoping I'll get around to doing some more layouts soon, but for now I've shared my current favorite at the bottom of this post. I love it because it's another layout celebrating just how special Clayton is!

JOURNALING: Chris Reeve has nothing on you, Clayton! You’ve been through so many battles and struggles in your short life that you definitely qualify as the REAL SUPERMAN!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Week Two

The word for this week's scripture challenge was kindness. A little tougher than faith. I had to delve into my Bible to find a verse that really spoke to me on the topic. There are many references to God's kindness to us, but I was looking more for His directions for us to be kind. Finally found it in Galations:


Thursday, January 17, 2008

Don't Forget

Noel's Holiday Kits are on sale right now!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Living Beyond Yourself

Tonight is the first night of my "Scrapbooking Your Faith" class. We will be using Beth Moore's "Living Beyond Yourself" as our study guide. This particular study focuses on the Fruits of the Spirit. Tonight will basically be an introductory night--we'll work on the title page of our album and discuss the upcoming classes. I'm also going to share the Scripture Challenge with them so they can participate in that if they want. I have twelve people signed up--I'm hoping they all stick with it, because I really feel like they'll love having what they learned in an album when we're done.
I won't go into all the trouble we've had getting books . . . apparently this is the most popular study going right now and they ARE NO BOOKS in this state until Thursday! I ended up making copies of the first week's stuff for everyone. I'm just a stickler for making my plan work once I've got it down. I could have waited a week, but I planned to get started tonight, so by goodness, I'm starting tonight! How's that for obsessive?!

Monday, January 14, 2008

A Tribute

I had to say goodbye to an old friend this weekend.

My parents got Maggie when I was in college and I really didn't live with her for that many years, but she was definitely a part of my life, and a part of my parents' home. She had been struggling for a long time with her hip problems, so it was definitely time to ease her pain. I'm thinking these pictures were taken in 1997 or 1998--not really sure, but it was in the prime of her life. Maggie was a typical lab--only satisfied if she was touching someone. Always needing some more lovin'! My favorite memory will always be how Brian described her as "emotional." As soon as you walked in my parents' door, she would cry and wag her tail like she hadn't seen you in years! Definitely another lab trait I'm thinking. One of the best things about Maggie was you didn't have to worry about anyone or any animal hurting you if she was around. She could love, but she could be fierce if need be. Her bark and growl would scare even the bravest attacker, be it man or beast! And most recently, I think of Clayton and Maggie. She never really paid him any mind, and in his lifetime she'd basically be content to lay around and sleep. But Clayton would rather talk about her over our own dog who pesters him more than Maggie ever has! It's interesting that he's always mentioning Maggie in any conversation.
So goodbye, Maggie. We will miss your companionship and your protection. And more HUGE ((((((HUGS)))))))) to my parents who are definitely feeling the loss.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Week One

Late as usual, I decided at the last minute to participate in Patter's 2008 Scripture Challenge. I'm doing a little 6x6 book--and I can't wait to see the finished product--52 weeks worth of scripture to reference and look back on! I just pray I have the endurance to see it through!
I picked this verse because I always think of it in reference to faith. I learned it as a child in Sunday School and it made a huge impression on me because our teacher gave us all a little mustard seed to put in our Bibles. (Great idea she had--bet she never knew it how well it would help me remember that verse!)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Case of the Lazies

I have been worthless since Christmas! I basically just want to sit and scrap or find a good movie on t.v. and sit and stare at it for a few hours. I have plenty to do around here--a mother's work is never done, right? But still I put things off, procrastinating as usual. I've also got some errands to run and places to go, but can't get fired up about getting myself presentable for the world. I'm hoping I'll get a spurt of energy later today, but it's looking doubtful!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Been Scrapping

I'm finally getting the scrapping bug again! I kinda lost my mojo there for a while, but I can feel it creeping back in. :) Here's a few layouts that I've done lately. The first one is kind of a tribute layout to Clayton's speech therapist. After three and a half years, she had to quit seeing Clayton due to scheduling conflicts, and I hated to see her go. And although he still has speech therapy, she brought him a long way during her three years with him.

These next Christmas layouts were all made with Noel Mignon's Holiday Kits.

I made this last one for a cool KISS challenge that Noel has going right now. This pic was taken in the NICU and I can't believe how much Clayton looks like a little doll! He was so tiny at that point and that was after he had grown a bunch!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Good Intentions

Long before Christmas, I had a great idea for Clayton's therapists' gifts. I would have gotten started on them then if I had known how long it would take to get them put together! I have them ready, I just want to get them framed and it looks like they'll be Valentine's Day gifts by the time they get them! They are 5 x 5, so I bought 5 x 5 frames, which makes total sense, right? Wrong. In those frames, you can't see the whole design that my friend Christina made for me. So I decided to go back up to Hobby Lobby yesterday to see if they could custom frame them for me. She recommended I come back next week when custom framing is half off (no problem there) and then she said that it will take about two weeks to actually get the frames in! So these special little gifts probably won't be so special when they finally open them. Kind of anticlimatic in a way, but I'm willing to wait in order to get them how I originally pictured them in my head!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Welcome 2008!

Ringing in the new year for us always means celebrating Brian's birthday as well. And although he was a total dud on New Year's Eve (he was asleep by 9:00!), we did have a full day yesterday to make up for it. We started out watching the game at my aunt and uncle's house (pretty sorry game, to say the least). We had cake and ice cream and made it through "Happy Birthday to You" without even making Clayton cry!
We then moved on to some friends' of ours for dinner. Had our lucky black-eyed peas and I kindly passed over the cabbage . . . In Clayton's perfect timing, his Milk of Magnesia kicked in while we were there. I won't go into major details, but I will say that his clothes had to be washed while we were there and I'm super glad it happened at a home that has a child in diapers--they had plenty of wipees and the poop didn't seem to bother them much (or so they said!). Clayton had so much fun at their house despite the pooping. Their little girl is so great about playing with him and including him in every activity. And she was determined to hold him even though I'm pretty sure he weighs more than her!