Sunday, October 31, 2010

Back From the Beach

We've been in Georgia and Florida over the past ten days and after a long haul last night, made it in this morning.  We've rested most of the day and even mustered up the strength for some trick or treating! 

I took a ton of pics over our trip and couldn't wait to get home to look at all of them and share, but we came home to a dead computer (EEK!), so it may be a while . . . I'm blogging from my mom's house and will be checking in soon.  Hopefully our computer problems are minor and won't last long!

Monday, October 25, 2010

What Do You Think He's Sayin'?

Since I had my hands full at the pumpkin patch (I only snapped six pictures while we were there!), I decided I'd get some at home.  But as you can see, my subjects were in their normal non-cooperative moods . . . Clayton was super mad at me and all he kept saying was "MY CHAIR!"  Jackson just wanted to chit chat.  I wonder what tid-bit he was sharing with Clayton at this moment?!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

As per fall tradition, we took a trip out to the Pumpkin Patch this week.  This was the first time I've made that trip without Brian and I don't think I'll be doing it without him again!  Keeping Clayton happy while allowing Jackson to play and explore is just too much to do when I am surrounded by hundreds of school kids (and it didn't help that it was 80-something degrees!).  I am so glad I had some other mothers willing to help me with Jackson, but I always feel like I'm imposing on them and their own kids' good time.   
Clayton's only request was to ride on the trailer.  He could have done that over and over if time (and space) would have allowed.  About halfway out to the patch I realized I would have both kids with no wheelchair.  Not a good feeling . . . I couldn't very well leave Clayton on the trailer alone since he couldn't sit up and the hay would have had him gagging big time.  And once we stopped, Jackson was all about exploring the patch.  I followed him holding Clayton for just a bit, but finally had to let someone else take on the job.  Clayton is just too heavy to be carrying around these days. 

I don't know, it just left me with such a blah feeling.  I get all pumped up for these events and then leave feeling so deflated when they don't work out perfect for us.  It's such a let down when you realize (AGAIN) that we just can't do things like everyone else does them. 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It Just Keeps Growing and Growing and . . .

Just to show my long distance readers how crazy Arkansas weather is, here's what Brian pulled from his garden last week.  Only in Arkansas can you have a garden that is still producing well into October! 

Monday, October 18, 2010

Invasion of Space

It doesn't matter where Clayton is these days, Jackson is there on top of him.  This invasion of personal space used to only happen where Clayton was in his "blue chair" (pictured above), so I would relocate him to the couch or chair or his bed for a break from Jackson.  Those days are over!
Jackson's decided that laying on the couch with Clayton is just as comfy.  And sitting in the regular chairs with him isn't half-bad either.  So wherever Clayton goes, Jackson is soon to follow.  Clayton is constantly begging me to "come move him,"  "move Jackson," "Momma! Move him."  Jackson, on the other hand responds to none of the discipline he is receiving for this and seems to be quite content using his brother as a jungle gym and snuggle buddy. 
Now it's not always that bad . . . Clayton is always interested in Jackson's boo-boos and when they sat together yesterday, he got a chance to inspect them up close.  And Jackson was happy to oblige.
I hope they find more moments like this in the closeness.  I'm praying that sooner than later Clayton gets used to sharing his space.  After all, Jackson just wants to love on his big brother!

Friday, October 15, 2010

He Loves Books

And I love that he loves them . . . the only time he is still for more than a few minutes is when he has plopped down in front of the bookshelf and slowly pulled out each book and inspected it.  He's holding his current favorite in these pictures.  He loves to stare at the dog in the book and growl at it.  It's pretty adorable. 
We've started the tradition of reading books at bedtime and he thinks it's the neatest thing.  I just think it's neat that he sits still that long!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

So Exciting!

A couple of weeks ago, I took a gamble and called the Make-a-Wish Foundation. I wasn't sure if Clayton actually qualified for their program, but wanted to give it a shot after the summer that he had. After my initial conversation with them, I felt sure it wouldn't happen, but they called last week and told us Clayton was indeed approved for the granting of a wish!!!

The ball has been rolling pretty fast since that phone call.  Volunteers from Make-a-Wish spent lots of time here on Monday night.  They had several questions for Clayton, and as usual he kept trying to change the subject on them!

"What's your favorite color?"  "Tell Daddy I want to drive his truck."

"What's your favorite TV show?"  "Where's Daddy's trailer?"

"What do you want to be when you grow up?"  "Tell Daddy let me go to that school to get the trailer."

You get the gist . . . but when it came to the all-important question, he actually gave them the appropriate answer:  "What's your #1 wish in the whole world?"  "ride on Bill Gaither's bus!"  And from then on, it was "tell them I wanna ride on that bus." His official wish will be to meet Bill Gaither and the Homecoming Friends, watch them sing and RIDE ON THE BUS.  He was supposed to give two "back up" wishes, but we told them he pretty much had a one track mind and it was Bill Gaither or nothing!  Let's hope Bill comes through! 

Friday, October 08, 2010

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Heavenly Wheels

I am still knee deep in the study of Esther by Beth Moore.  And last night as I read the study guide/notes, I couldn't help but get chills.  Beth had started this day's notes out with a commentary on the death of her friend, Lee Sizemore (who, by the way was the innovator of "video-driven" Bible studies--good idea, Lee!).  Lee had been wheelchair bound for over twenty years, and Beth had imagined that upon his death he had taken his first steps in years and sprinted to the throne of our Lord.  She writes, "at the thought, I recalled an email I received from him a few years ago.  He and his wonderful wife, Myrna, were going through the Daniel series and were perched in front of session 7.  Lee wrote, 'You just read Daniel 7:9.'
As I looked, 'thrones were set in place, and the Ancient of Days took his seat.  His clothing was as white as snow; the hair of his head was white like wool.  His throne was flaming with fire and its wheels were all ablaze." Daniel 7:9

Beth continues, "You might want to read those last five words again.  Captivated by them, my friend Lee continued, 'I had no idea God's throne is the holiest of wheelchairs!'"

I had to wipe the tears from my eyes as I read this story . . .

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Bible Quizzing

Clayton had his first Bible Quiz Meet this morning and overall, it went very well!  He has been in Bible Quiz class for the last month and we've been working diligently on memorizing scripture.  The meets also consist of many questions regarding their Bible stories (this year from 1 and 2 Samuel).  Clayton is still essentially guessing at his answers, but I feel like after he gets the "lay of the land" he will begin to truly participate.  (If it's like everything else he does, once he learns the routine, his elephant memory will have no trouble recalling the details). 

Mr. Chip is his personal assistant during the meet.  As the proctor reads the questions, Clayton has to decide if the answer is choice #1, #2, or #3.  He tells Mr. Chip which number to pull and then Mr. Chip displays his answer. 

Clayton kept asking him "all done?"  Clayton's main concern the entire meet was getting back on the church van.  The quizzing was a necessary evil he had to do in order to get a couple of hours on the church van!