Saturday, October 02, 2010

Bible Quizzing

Clayton had his first Bible Quiz Meet this morning and overall, it went very well!  He has been in Bible Quiz class for the last month and we've been working diligently on memorizing scripture.  The meets also consist of many questions regarding their Bible stories (this year from 1 and 2 Samuel).  Clayton is still essentially guessing at his answers, but I feel like after he gets the "lay of the land" he will begin to truly participate.  (If it's like everything else he does, once he learns the routine, his elephant memory will have no trouble recalling the details). 

Mr. Chip is his personal assistant during the meet.  As the proctor reads the questions, Clayton has to decide if the answer is choice #1, #2, or #3.  He tells Mr. Chip which number to pull and then Mr. Chip displays his answer. 

Clayton kept asking him "all done?"  Clayton's main concern the entire meet was getting back on the church van.  The quizzing was a necessary evil he had to do in order to get a couple of hours on the church van! 

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Patti H said...

LOL about the church van. Love looking at the photos and reading about Clayton