Thursday, September 30, 2010

"Look at Momma!"

I beg.

I plead.

I promise the moon.

And stars.

And this is all I get these days for pictures. . .

Jackson posing:    (yes, he froze in this position for me!)
And Clayton finding all kinds of things to keep him busy to keep from looking my way.  (Not to mention he was needing me to "look in my ear" around this time--it seems he's always got a crisis when I'm wanting him to smile for the camera).
I'm hoping the tide will turn soon, but until then I hope everyone loves non-smiling, cheek-turning views of my boys!


Patti H said...

I love your photos of your boys any ole way. I love the real life ones as much as the big smiling ones. But i think you need to do a new updated photo for your blog header. LOL

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Both of your boys are adorable and I think you take great photos! My daughter always closes her eyes in pictures. Drives me crazy!