Wednesday, September 08, 2010

15 Months + 5 Days

23 pounds, 3 ounces
31 inches long

Jackson had his fifteen month check up today.  It always seems so weird during his well-child appointments.  I'm so used to long conversations with doctors regarding our concerns about Clayton that it almost seems as if I'm forgetting something during Jackson's appointments.  Nothing to discuss, nothing majorly wrong going on--just normal life!  What a relief!!

The handout the nurse gave me for fifteen months was titled "Whirlwind of Activity."  TO SAY THE LEAST!  Jackson is soooo busy.  It's even started affecting his sleep.  He is the worst napper--I'm lucky if he stays down for 45 minutes.  And these last few nights he has been crying in his sleep and flip flopping around like crazy.  Seems like he is busy even in his dreams!

And so, at fifteen months Jackson . . .

**has more words/phrases "whatisthat?" (all one word for him).  He says both syllables of Katie's name now (the dog).  His newest phrase is "OH, MAN!"

**scribbles on paper, and scribbles with the electronic drawing things we have.

**is all about Jackson--throws lots of temper tantrums each day when not getting his way!

**loves "hiding" more than ever.  If there is a cubbyhole to sneak into, he finds it.

**tries his best to snap while calling the dog.

**tries to play with Clayton, but Clayton is having a hard time figuring it out.

**loves books, still brings them to us to "read." 

**spends all of his time in stores waving and saying hi to all the other people he sees.  It's like a parade route for him!

**is discovering his world by touching everything in it--he's determined to have this house completely investigated!!

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Patti H said...

Ashley what a beautiful photo of Jackson. Hope you tighten your seatbelt a little more every day as Jackson continues to grow. He is just precious