Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"It's From Bill Gaither!"

As I've mentioned many times before, Clayton is obsessed with the Gaither Homecoming videos.  We watch at least one a day, and he usually talks me into a second one as well.  And while he was sick this summer, these videos were the ONLY thing that even halfway calmed him down during those terrible headaches. 

Knowing Clayton's love for the Gaithers got our music minister and family friend, Kent, working on a project.  He spent a lot of time emailing/phoning Bill Gaither's assistant trying to figure out how we could get him to Clayton for a meeting.  Well, the meeting didn't work out, but Bill did promise to send Clayton a picture.  We got it last week and Clayton LOVES it!  At least twenty times a day he reminds me "it's from Bill Gaither!"  He gets a huge grin on his face when he's telling me. 
We're still working on an actual meeting with Bill Gaither and many of his Homecoming friends, but in the meantime Clayton is tickled to death to have this hanging in his room!

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Anonymous said...

better than bill clinton LOL

he does look proud!!