Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Strange Kind of Comfort Zone

My Grandfather has been hospitalized over the last week and a half.  And tonight as I drove away from a visit, I had one of those epiphanies that has really always been there, but it only then came to the surface of my brain.

I am more comfortable in a hospital setting than I will ever be in a mall shopping for clothes, or even a grand party celebrating some societal milestone.  And to take it even one step further, a funeral home is even more comfortable to me than a Junior League reception would ever be.  [Which is probably why I've never been invited nor inquired about Junior League membership . . .] 

My baptism by fire into the world of hospitals and dying children has given me a strange perspective on the medical world and the reality of death itself.  Hospitals don't scare me in the least.  I walk in and I speak the language.  I know how to get something done if it isn't.  I know how to sit and be until the resolutions come.  It's never easy, that is for sure.  But a learned skill nonetheless . . . one that only comes with plenty of practice and repetition.  

I don't even know what weird category of person this trait puts me into, but I'm pretty positive it falls under the Unique But Awkward classification.  

And that's something I'm getting more and more used to these days.  :)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Life is Happening

Well, life is happening and that means the blog gets neglected more and more.  It's still my venue for sharing when I finally get around to doing so, and I for sure wanted to share the video of Clayton's latest play.  This play didn't go as well, in that Clayton noticed his Granny sitting on the front row and was so nervous and emotional, that he broke out in a sob!  He then cried for my Grandmother and got fixated on her not being there.  And even though I was bummed that he didn't say his lines, he did get some laughs from the audience when he blurted out his famous "I'M HOT."  Another new famous line I didn't get on tape was his response to Ms. Lynne who was trying to console him and called him "Baby Doll."  He quickly yelled back, "DON'T CALL ME BABY DOLL!"
Major props to his helper Kylie who didn't let the meltdown phase her one bit!