Monday, November 19, 2012

Stole the Show

This was Clayton's first year to participate in ACTS, Jr:

 ACTS Jr. is a unique, creative program designed to integrate children ages 7-17 with and without disabilities together through the use of performing arts. Led by occupational therapists, occupational therapy students, and youth volunteers from the community, this program is unique to Arkansas. ACTS Jr. has touched the lives of numerous children and families in Central Arkansas since 2005.

We've looked forward to his debut play for the last few weeks, as they've met each week for practice.  He was given just a couple of lines to say, and as I expected, he ended up doing his own thing instead.  It really didn't matter, because he'll do anything to get a laugh, and that is exactly what he did!

For a little background on the play (the kids help write the entire script!):  Four local shops were chosen to be highlighted and Rhea Lana's consignment shop was one of them.  This was Clayton's group.  For our friends that aren't local, Rhea Lana's is a huge biannual consignment sale for moms.  It's become so big that there are several locations across the state.  Enter Clayton.  He was the engineer of the train that went to some of these locations to pick up items to be sold.  He was supposed to clear the items and then say "All Clear! Welcome Aboard!"  But as you'll see, he didn't exactly do that.  (You'll have to ignore the laughter from his mom during the video--I couldn't help myself.) :)  
 The entire play was an absolute blessing!  Seeing so many kids overcome their disabilities to play their parts is so inspiring.  I can't wait until their spring show and what's in store for Clayton in the performing arts realm!


Christina said...

Love that goofy kid, wish I could've been there to support him :) I was there in spirit though, with Ashley and the gang there.

Dollie McGowan said...

He made that made look Great! Good Job Clayton

Kristen said...

That baby always makes me cry happy tears. He had me crying in church last night! He is such a gift.

Amy said...

Oh wow, I loved this. He is so funny! I couldn't hear everything he said, but I could tell he was really loving the laughs. I wish I had been there with Emma. He is so adorable.

I cried happy tears too. Why? As you know, my Emma has CP too, and I would love to see her included in something so special like that. What a wonderful thing!

I could see how confident Clayton was. I could see how much he loved being up there. I loved inclusion. I loved the whole thing. I see a bright future for Clayton in the performing arts. He is a natural.

I can't wait to show my Emma.

Go Clayton.