Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ladies' Man

It doesn't matter where Clayton goes,  he seems to have a knack for wrapping the ladies right around his finger.  It was no different with his helper for his play.  Kori (hoping I'm spelling that right) was a little worried at the first practices when Clayton wasn't very interactive.  She quickly learned that he was just taking it all in, because when he finally decided to participate, he went all out.  He spent most of his time trying to flirt with her (those little cartoon hearts were beating out of his chest when he was with her),  and ALL of the time trying to make her laugh.  He can't wait to see her next semester for their next adventure in the performing arts! 


Amy said...

Now that is sweet! I can see why the ladies like Clayton. It's those eyes and that smile! Plus, he is pretty funny too. Kori isn't bad looking herself. She looks nice too. I always love people who love kids.

Lisa Manchester said...

How special! Such a sweet young man!