Monday, November 12, 2007

Time Seems to be Flying!

Has it really been six days since my last post? YIKES! I can't even tell you what I've actually accomplished during those days, just haven't really been on the computer much. Haven't been scrapping, and haven't been reading. Been sittin' I guess! Church was interesting yesterday because Brian was out of town and I had Clayton by myself and still had to sing on praise team and in the choir. He ended up sitting with my friend Jennifer and he was entertaining the whole section of people during the whole song service. He even went off to Children's Church with her and saw me as he left--never got upset once! He's growing up--doesn't need his momma as much anymore!
I don't really have much else on my mind at the moment, so I'll go for now--have a great day everyone!

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Anonymous said...

That's good right?! That he's becoming more independent? :hug: Have a good week!