Monday, September 14, 2009

Not Even a Pre-Writer

So one of the few battles I've been fighting during these first few weeks of homeschooling has been writing. Boys typically develop handwriting skills later than girls and Clayton is even farther behind than the typical boy his age. He has never been interested in coloring and almost all of the prewriting practice I've had him do has been The Most Terrible Activity on the Planet. I decided today that I'll fight no more. If he's interested, I'll let him hold the writing utensil, and if not, I'll just hold it for him and write down what we're doing for him, if need be. And of course on the day I decide that, he was a willing helper in writing some numbers down!!


Katy said...

our OT has suggested taping a paper up on an easel or other surface so that Charlie doesn't have to concentrate on holding his head against gravity. Just a thought. . . . Charlie is still pretty disgusted by coloring.

Patti H said...

Yah Clayton!!

Melanie said...

Hi! My name is Melanie and I somehow stumbled upon your blog... I think through a yahoo group or something, anyhow - I have triplets with cp who are 5 years old, and I also homeschool. I have a hard time finding many parents who homeschool their special needs kiddos, so I was thrilled when I found you! I have a blog also if you'd like to check us out! Your little boy is adorable -- I look forward to getting to know him and you both better! Hope you're having a BLESSED day!



Anonymous said...

Just keep working on his ability to use his hands - no matter the use is not writing.

I bet Katy would say it is still okay to teach him the alphabet. ;) He could get the concept of forming words with letters using already formed letters - laminated cards can be shoved around pretty easily on a desktop or magnet letters on the easel - while he is standing (my bit to add). Barbara