Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Times: They are A-Changin'

As most of you know, Clayton has always slept with us. And yes, he is now six years old. EEK. But when I got pregnant, we coerced him into moving to a toddler bed next to ours (but still in our room). That's been working great and really started to build a little independence for him. But he still had to hold Momma's hand until he went to sleep. :)
[Enter Jackson.] All of Clayton's therapists told me if we ever have another child that Clayton would be motivated in a new and exciting way. Of course they were right! So this was our conversation Friday night:
Clayton: Where's Jackson?
Me: In his crib, in his room.
Clayton: I wanna sleep with Jackson.
Me: Do you want to move your cot (what he calls his bed) in your room with Jackson?
Clayton: nodding yes.
Me: You want to sleep with Jackson instead of sleeping with Momma and Daddy?
Clayton: nodding yes.
Me: If you still want to tomorrow, then we'll move your bed in there and you can sleep with him tomorrow night.
And on Saturday when we asked him again, he was all for it. We made a huge deal of moving the bed in there (I didn't bother moving all of his equipment for fear it wouldn't last!). We did baths and I read to him for a while before I turned out the light. Jackson went to sleep as soon as I turned out the lights, but Clayton looked a little worried. I let him listen to his IPOD for a while and walked in and out letting him get used to it without Mom in the room. He finally fell asleep with me in there and he actually lasted until around three in the morning when he woke up terrified and crying. I stayed with him, but around five when he still hadn't gone back to sleep, I moved him to our bed. We bragged to everyone we saw Sunday about what a big boy he was! And at first, when we asked him if wanted to do it again Sunday night, he said no. But then Granny bragged enough on him that he decided he'd go for it again. And what do you know? He slept there until 9:00 yesterday morning! And again last night!!!!!

Now he is sleeping, but I haven't actually slept that well since the move. I keep thinking he'll wake up scared, thinking he'll have a seizure, thinking the pump will go off and wake Jackson up before I hear it, etc. You name it, I'm thinking it. But since I can't sleep I'm getting a lot of reading done--which was once my own bedtime routine! Who knows? Maybe I'll actually be able to get back to my books and reading myself to sleep each night! (Oh, and for those interested, even though Brian said he was trying not to get "emotional" about the change, his sleep seems to have NOT been affected).


Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Good for Clayton! My daughter sleeps in our room too (we live in an apartment the size of a shoebox!). I cannot wait to move so she can have her own room, but in the back of my mind, I wonder how I will do with the change. She will probably be fine, I will probably have some sleepless nights!

Patti H said...

way to go Clayton. This post is so weird Ashley. Since I have been thinking of your guys not being able to visit us next month now I had a dream about your guys last night and it had to do with Clayton waking up and I said I would deal with him while you got some rest etc. Weird that you posted this and I dreamt about him waking up last night. Hugs to you all

Heather said...

Yeah! for Clayton. Double Yeah! for you and Brian.

TMI Tara said...

CONGRATS! This is huge! I am so excited for you (and him) that he's gaining independence. Good for you for allowing him to take his time. You are one wise woman!

Chloe slept with us for the past year when we lived in a 1-bedroom apt. We just moved into our house where she has her own room and a big-girl bed. Now I'm the one who can't sleep without her! Whatta ya do?!?! ;O)

Katy said...

Charlie's still in a bed in our room. I'd love to get him moved to his own room, but Daddy can't handle it just yet.

Kristin K Stock said...

Good for Clayton! I miss you so much and I want to see that precious new little one!!