Monday, September 07, 2009

Change of Heart?

In all his life, Clayton maybe slept a total of four hours in this crib. Never was interested in it one bit until the other day when he noticed Jackson having some fun in it. He just had to get in too! He sat up for a while but that wasn't good enough--since Jackson was laying there looking at the mobile, then of course he had to also!! Nevermind that he was as long as the actual crib!
They watched the mobile together, but then Clayton decided to start turning it off and on constantly. And you see what Jackson thought about that:

That's what brothers are for, right????


Patti H said...

I love the look of Claytons face in the last photo. What fun photos LOL

Stephanie said...

Jackson looks TICKED in that last pic! I imagine that as Jackson grows and develops there will be a number of things Clayton becomes interested in for the first maybe crawling? I think he could do it if he wanted to.