Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Katy No-Pocket

Last week, we enjoyed "rowing" Katy No-Pocket. Clayton liked this story, but I'm not sure he liked it quite as much as Caps for Sale--we still had to wear our hats while reading this new book!

On the bookshelf:
Little New Kangaroo

Online Resources:
Five in a Row Fold-n-Learn
Homeschool Share
Making Learning Fun

While reading the story, we were able to talk about lots of different animals since so many are mentioned and pictured in the book. We counted the animals and talked about their colors. The one that got the most attention was of course the SKUNK. In fact, Clayton kept asking to read the "skunk book," with no mention of the kangaroo at all!!!
This first little activity was piecing this kangaroo together. This gave us a chance to talk about top, middle, and bottom. I would tell him the head goes on the top, for example and then point to the top, etc.

We talked about the family of Kangaroos and how the Momma Kangaroo carries the babies in her "pocket," or pouch.

I had Clayton pick names for the family members: male=Daddy, female=Ashley, baby=Zachaeus (of course!).

Another activity was for improving coordination and dexterity. We did one on two different days. I put glue on the back of the small circles, and Clayton had to place them on the white circles within the pictures.

We also used these flashcards from Five in a Row:

The highlight of the week was another cooking experiment. We made "Anzac" cookies. Here is the description of the origin of these cookies (taken from the FIAR archives): Australian and New Zealand soldiers from WWI (1914-1918) were called ANZACS. In 1915, more than 8,000 soldiers died a famous battle. Australian children remember the soldiers by baking ANZAC cookies.

We got a new apron for Clayton with POCKETS like a Kangaroo and like the man in the story. (Couldn't find a child's apron with pockets, so Granny had to modify this one for us!) He used it to keep his cooking "tools" in!


Patti H said...

\i just love reading your schooling post! Ha Ha skunk book. We thought we had skunks in our backyard and set a trap but we caught nothing but Cody! LOL

Jenkins said...

Very cool. I love your school lessons.