Sunday, September 06, 2009

Five in a Row

This coming week, we start the only official curriculum I've invested in: Five in a Row. Or in Clayton's case, Before Five in a Row. This is what I've been the most excited about starting with him, I only hope he likes it as much as I do! FIAR uses the unit study approach to learning, built around classic books. Each week (or two if you'd like), you read (or "row") a particular book five days in a row. And with each reading, you incorporate a different subject's lesson based on the book. The lesson could be an obvious one from the book, i.e. learning each animal's name in the book; or it could be on something just mentioned once in the book, i.e. a study of a particular location. I feel like this approach to learning is great for Clayton simply because one thing that does usually get his attention is a good book. And I'm using the "Before" version because I don't think he's quite ready for the more involved lessons of the regular FIAR curriculum. I'm hoping this year will be a good starting point for a lifetime of him learning from good, classic books!


Patti H said...

you are making all Clayton's learning so fun and interesting.

Katy said...

Love it! Repetition is great for learning and so is scaffolding! Sounds like a great curriculum.