Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Sweet Milestones

Although we home school, Jackson has also been enrolled in an arts school one day a week.  The students spent yesterday sharing their work and creations in a showcase of sorts.  As I sat there with tears in my eyes (trying to hold in the sobs as to not become a spectacle),  I wondered if I would ever grow accustomed to seeing Jackson accomplish "normal" tasks.  It doesn't matter what it is . . . riding a bike, fixing his own drink, bathing himself, hitting a baseball, reading a book . . . I sit in awe of this child that God has made.  Made so smart and able.  Made so coordinated and quick.

It.  Is.  A.  Miracle.  I refer to the miracle of Clayton's life so often, but how wonderful is the miracle of my typical child's life?!  God's handiwork right before my eyes!  And it is sweet.  Such a precious gift that I hope I never get used to.

So yes.  The absence of so many milestones in Shawn and Clayton's life may have made me the nutty behind the scenes mom.  The nutty baseball mom.  The mom who just knows that her kid is the star of the show (isn't he?!)  But I don't apologize.  I've waited too long for these moments.  From the moment I saw twin boys on the ultrasound screen, I visualized all of these moments.  Twelve years I've waited, and I'm eating up every minute of watching Jackson blossom into a "typical" little boy.  

I am a tiger.
A big wild animal.
Orange, black, and white.
I am mean, and I ROAR!

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