Friday, July 29, 2011

For Their Amusement

So the boys are still obsessed with trains.  Moreover, Clayton has been hounding us about riding "that train."  Where "that train" might be,  I don't know, so we decided a small train would be a good place to start.  We drove to a mini-amusement park not far from here and proceeded to ride the rides in the blazing hot sun.  (Wouldn't it have been great if Jackson had actually looked at the camera in photo above?)
As usual, when it came time for the actual event, both boys started getting nervous.  It didn't help that the conductor gave us no warning when he started the train up or blew the horn.  Clayton almost jumped out his chair it scared him so!  Jackson became Brian's cling-on and didn't let go for one second during the entire ride.
Once we started going, Clayton seemed a little unsure, but he quickly decided that he did indeed like riding the train.
We went around in a circle twice--literally nothing to the ride.  But for Clayton, it was an absolutely perfect way to break him in slowly to train riding.
 Jackson decided his favorite ride was the Merry-Go-Round.  
 I rode with him, but man did I ever get queasy!!
 He was having a blast.  :)
Jackson pretty much bowed out of every other ride, which surprised us since he is usually our little daredevil.  Clayton decided he would ride the planes and we took a risk by putting him on by himself.  There was no back for him to lean against so he had to hold on with his own strength the entire ride.
He was hyped up at first, but as soon as the ride started, the nerves kicked in.  For Momma too . . . I was scared to death he was going to let go and fall back!
He went into full panic mode and the operator stopped it for him--even though he ended up not liking it, I was very proud of him for holding on so tight!!!
In the end, I think the Merry-Go-Round got both of their votes for ride of the day!


Anonymous said...

how awesome for clayton to be so brave to try the diff rides!!!! great pics!!


Lesle Alvarado said...

Your family is so beautiful Ashley!

hannah said...

that looks like some fun there