Friday, July 01, 2011

Church Camp Recap

Clayton had a great time at church camp!  It was an action packed couple of days and he survived it like a trooper.  (Brian almost didn't survive, but he said all the hard work was worth it!)  Since they took the power chair, Clayton was able to do his own thing and wasn't dependent on the adults or other kids to remember to move him or to move him where he wanted.  Brian said that for the most part, he did great maneuvering around the area, and that he only had a couple of times of wandering off unsupervised.  (Isn't that what most seven year old boys want?)  At bedtime on the first night, Brian said that Clayton was missing Momma and his own bed (he is attached to his bed!).  Brian said the second night he was so tired, he didn't have time to miss anyone before he drifted off to sleep.
 Clayton's least favorite activity:  crafts.  No surprise there . . . it's never been his strong suit.
His very favorite activities:  dancing to one of his new favorite songs,  Superhero by Go Fish (we found this video made by no one we know, but it's cute and you can listen to the song), and watching Dusty the Dinosaur.  The main speaker was a magician and ventriloquist.  Brian said his eyes were wide when Dusty was brought out.  It was definitely his favorite activity of all. 
All in all, things went great for Clayton.  Brian had a busy time of it keeping up with Clayton's schedule and the camp's schedule--there are just so many hours in the day.  Bathing Clayton was also an issue, but for two nights, the awkward accommodations could be endured again.  I'm so happy he was able to enjoy such a "normal" kid event!

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Cathy D. said...

Kuddos to Brian and HORRAY!!! for Clayton. I am so happy he had a great time and a great dad to help him.