Friday, July 08, 2011

Watering Week

Brian and I spent our Fourth of July holiday trying our best to get the yard back into shape.  After two major storms this past spring, we were left with virtually no grass and missing fill dirt.  And since we've basically had no rain since, it seemed the yard just kept getting more and more barren.
Brian put a ton of seed and fertilizer down and we emptied over 50 fifty-pound bags of sand throughout the yard.  (I might add that those little suckers seem to weigh 100 POUNDS when you are walking across the yard with them).  
 So now we wait.  And we water.  
 And water some more.  And pray real hard that some green grass shows up soon.
Then we water even more.  And then we snap a much needed photo for the scavenger hunt (child running through sprinkler).

*Note that Clayton was a great help by holding the sign for Momma!!

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