Tuesday, July 19, 2011

28/52 A New Look

A New Look

I skipped last week's Project52 theme of "Sweet Relief" in order to document Clayton's changing look.  First, he got some new glasses: both prescription and frames.  His frames are a bit more "fashion-forward" this time and his prescription changed considerably for his right eye.  So while we get a fresh look of his face, he is also getting a new and clearer look of the world around him!  Second, HIS TWO FRONT TEETH FINALLY CAME IN!  It has been over two years since we've seen him with front teeth, so it's definitely a different look for him.  Just two more smilestones for the scrapbooks!


Lesle Alvarado said...

Woot! I love how he smiles with his eyes.

Amy said...

Awesome picture! I love his eyes and his smile. I also love the other photos of Jackson hauling loads. Too cute!