Thursday, June 23, 2011

All Aboard!

It all started in Forth Worth.  When the passenger train came through the stockyards, Clayton literally wigged out.  He was beside himself with fright.  He immediately wanted to leave and "get in the van."  So as usual, we made haste to do his bidding . . . but in true Clayton fashion, he hasn't stopped talking about it since! That train is the only thing he has mentioned about the Make-A-Wish trip, and he mentions it all. the. time.  We've talked about all kinds of trains since then, and when we see or hear one, our world stops to focus on the train. Moreover, in true Jackson fashion, he has copied his brother's obsession, but taken it even further. 
We are now faithful viewers of the The Dinosaur Train.  Clayton watches the beginning and the end when the train is visible, but Jackson watches the entire show with baited breath, constantly yelling "WAIN!"  We might would watch other cartoons like Thomas the Train or Chuggington, but they come on before dawn, and you all know early doesn't fit our style. . .  At any rate, when I came into the hall and found Jackson had made his own little train, I couldn't help but grin:
 He was very proud of his handiwork, and even prouder that I had noticed.
I'm just glad we had remembered to disable the power chair.  Otherwise, he probably would have tried to pull his "train" down the hallway!


Stacy said...

LOL that is sweet! I love Jackson's train!

Cathy D. said...

Talk about imagine!, your chldren have great imagination. The train was unbelievable....Jackson is just way to cute.

Karen Mills said...

So creative! I love the train!

Patti H said...

oh my that is too cute!! Ben loves Thomas and Chuggington.