Wednesday, June 08, 2011

A Party for Jackson

Since Jackson's first birthday went by without true celebration, I was so glad that all was well and we were able to celebrate with him this year!  We decided Memorial Day would be a good time to cut the cake, and while we didn't throw a huge bash, it was special nonetheless.

He dug those hands right in the icing when I put the cake on his tray.  And I was so proud of him for blowing out his own candles!

 He has a sweet tooth.  He gets it from me.  :)
 The presents are always fun . . .
 . . . but not necessarily for the adults who have to put them together!
 Jackson spent almost all day outside in our "pool area."  Most of the day was spent with Tucker--they swam a lot, but had to take many breaks for rides on the gator.  

 After Tucker left, Jackson basically fell out on the floor in sleep.  He had to rest up for his next guests.
 He ended the day with more friends, and they swam until dark.

 All in all, a great day!


Patti H said...

Happy Birthday Jackson!! I can not believe that he is two already!! Just darling photos!!

hannah said...

happy birthday Jackson