Friday, June 03, 2011

22/52 Happy Birthday, Jackson!

I simply cannot believe that it has been two whole years since this blessing named Jackson entered our lives.  And to celebrate, I don't even know where to begin!  I search my heart for the adequate words, the words that can describe how special this sweet baby is to me.  I come up lacking every time.  I simply know this:  I was scared to death to have another baby.  Scared because I knew that "the worst" could indeed happen to us.  Scared of what it would mean for Clayton's care.  And definitely scared that my body would let everyone down. 
It wasn't easy.  Just as in Shawn and Clayton's case, I had to have "help" getting pregnant.  And in this case, much more involved help.  My pregnancy was eventful to say the least and everyone's routines were completely interrupted.  It was worth every second of inconvenience.  Every second of worry, every second of self-doubt.  We were blessed with a gorgeous little boy who teaches me everyday.  My main lesson?  Every single day is full of miracles.  Every working part on our body is a miracle.  Every quick thought and action is a miracle.  Every bite or drink he takes is a miracle.  Brian and I stand in awe at the simplest things that he accomplishes!  It is way too cool how God has created our brains and bodies to function in just the most coordinated way.  And when it all comes together--look out world, here comes a toddler!!!

Thank you, Lord!  Thank you for this precious gift!  Thank you for creating him just for us, and at just the right time in our lives.  We were ready to move forward, and Jackson has provided the perfect avenue.  And this includes Clayton!  Yes, it is true that Clayton is still "adjusting" to Jackson's presence (he's in a tough spot watching Jackson physically develop right past him), but Jackson has even opened up doors for his big brother.  Jackson has no preconceived notions about Clayton's abilities.  No walls stand between them because of Clayton's physical condition.  Jackson simply loves Clayton right where he is at.  Loves him, plays with him, talks to him, and loves on him.  Seeing their relationship develop is yet another miracle that Jackson has brought into our lives.  Such a sweet, sweet gift!

So Happy Birthday to my baby!  Momma loves you, loves you, loves you!!!

ETA:  I'm counting this as my Project52 photo this week since of course I want to document this milestone!


Stacy said...

I am near tears....aww Happy Birthday to Jackson!!!!

Patti H said...

what a heartfelt post for Jackson! Happy Birthday little man!! Ashely that photo is just beautiful!!

Amy said...

I am crying. Beautifully written. Jackson is certainly a beautiful baby boy. So blessed. Happy Birthday, Jackson!