Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Through the Woods

We took Clayton for a "hike" this weekend and boy, were we in for a workout!  Since he's being doing so well driving the power chair around the house, we have slowly been letting him venture out into "unknown territory" so he can tackle driving with the distractions of different environments.  In these new environments, he is still doing relatively well, but it seems in each new place he gets a touch of rebellion and can't help but turn on the speed and head for the rough terrain.

He was bound and determined to get off the pathway through these woods.  Brian had to stay close by to keep tabs on where Clayton *thought* he was going to go.  
By the end of the trail, he had gotten most of the off road driving out of his system and we were able to relax more, but it seems he has to go through this exploration stage with each new place we visit with his power chair.  Not unlike a toddler who has to touch every. single. thing. when they visit a new place.  He never experienced that particular stage of development, so I suppose he's just playing a little catch up five years later!

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Cathy D. said...

I think it is so amazing how wonderful life is for Clayton thanks to the greatest MOM and DAD!!! Thank you God for this Blessing!!!!