Friday, June 17, 2011

Following Duh

Jackson has a pet name for everyone.  He calls Clayton "Duh." We have no idea where it came from, but it doesn't really matter.  He's decided that his brother will be Duh, so Duh it is!

Jackson watches Clayton closely and mimics his movements and even his attitudes about things.  He keeps a watchful (albeit two year old) eye on him.  Just in these last weeks I've noticed their relationship becoming even more involved and more dimensional than ever.  They are starting to communicate in a way that only siblings can.  And it is SO interesting to watch!  I mean, sure, Clayton has always impacted people, but his impact on Jackson is in a totally different way.  It's just so NORMAL! So "regular people!"  I stand amazed everyday at the smallest of blessings--even the one of my youngest son wanting to follow his big brother around and around the yard, and just letting Clayton lead the way.  This is something that Clayton isn't used to doing (in this manner, at least), so how cool it is that he has a playmate that is willing to let him lead on?!    


Patti H said...

How fun it is to watch the friendship develop.

Jac said...

I love the pic of little brother trailing after big brother :)

Any chance that Jackson pronounces "brother" as bru-duh? Just thinking that might be where it came from :).

Cathy D. said...

I love seeing and hearing about how Jackson and Clayton are growing closer, it feels my heart with so much happiness. You capture them like no one else could. Thank you so much for sharing.