Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Clayton's Room

I finally took pictures of Clayton's finished room this week.  I know a couple of people out there were wanting to see the finished product, so sorry it's taken this long!  I might have mentioned this before, but when we started planning his move into this room, he was adamant that it be painted green.  It took me forever to find a comforter I liked with green in it (seemed everything was too young or too old for him).  Finally found this one at Target (it was the last one they had), so I jumped on it.  I really like the way it turned out.
I kept three of his stuffed animals out because they were significant, at least to me anyway.  The bear with the glasses is the one he made at Build-a-Bear and I'm hoping the other two are recognized by the people who gave them to him.  :)

We left plenty of room for his wheelchair to get in front of the window and he absolutely loves the view.  And even if he is still in bed, he can wave to Daddy as he leaves for work.  (He is obsessed with waving at everyone as they leave!)
I had a bulletin board in my room growing up, and I decided it could be just as cool for a boy's room--it's a great place to put his stuff from school and church.  He got the tool set for Christmas and he doesn't "play" with them, only uses them if he is "helping" Daddy with a project.  But they do get played with plenty.  Jackson makes sure they are scattered from here to yonder by the end of each day.  :)
I got this artwork at Target as well--it was  perfect for Clayton since he loves, loves, loves vehicles--trucks especially!

Clayton loves his new space.  Loves it so much we often wonder if he'll ever want to join us in the living room again!  I'm so used to him being with me all the time, it's taking some adjusting.  But it's definitely time for him to have his own time in his own room!


Misti said...

Love the room! That's the same bedding we're going to use when we (get around to) do Jonathan's "big boy" room. I think we're going to paint the walls the light blue that's in the bedding.

Sherry C said...

I love the room too. My daughter has specail needs as well and she just got her big girl bed a few months ago and a new room too. I'm going to follow your blog.

Anonymous said...

Love it! Love those pictures!

Patti H said...

I can see why Clayton loves it too. You did a beautiful job Ashley I am sure Brian had something to do with it too. LOL Love the wall cover and love you kept a few of his special stuffed animals. I still have a few of Matt's saved.

Cheri Pryor said...

It's so adorable!! LOVE the artwork! He must feel like a super "big kid" in there. lol!