Thursday, April 01, 2010

Just a Day in the Life . . .

Just a quick play by play of my Thursday, April 1:

**still not used to waking up AND getting up at 6:30 or 7:00, but Jackson's determined to break me in.

**I did get to cheat a bit this morning though--Jackson stayed in the bathroom while Brian took a shower, and I snuggled with Clayton in his bed for old times sake.  :)

**reality hit when Brian delivered Jackson to me with a dirty diaper--still wondering why he didn't attempt to change it.  He ended up having to help me anyway since after I laid Jackson down and had his diaper off, I realized the poop was all the way up his back.  So at 7:30, I was giving Jackson a bath. 

**Jackson was his normal on-the-go self, so I spent the next couple of hours chasing him around, generally putting out fires and avoiding all sorts of crises.  (The main crisis being when Jackson gets run over by Clayton's crazy circle driving!).

**Decided I would get myself a shower . . . Jackson usually just pines after me through the doors like we haven't seen each other in ages, but today he figured out how to open the door.  So I bathed while holding the door closed with my knee.  But when I turned around to shave me legs, it took me a few minutes to realize that he had actually climbed into the shower with me, fully clothed.  When I turned around he was completely soaked, and not bothered by it one bit.  I got him out, and quickly wrapped up the leg shaving before he was back in again!

**While I got dressed, he climbed in the shower again.  Guess it's his new favorite place.

**After I distracted him from the shower, he decided climbing completely underneath the bathroom lavatory was even better (once he had cleared the entire cabinet out that is!).

**I finally got us all loaded up for the therapy run, and before I could get the wheelchair in the van, the phone started ringing.  Left the chair in the garage next to the van without the brakes on . . . (you know what's coming next, right?)  Answered the phone, it's a doctor's office reminding me of our appointment.  As soon as she identifies herself, I see the wheelchair rolling down the driveway, on its way into the road!  I started screaming into the phone, "OUR WHEELCHAIR IS GOING INTO THE ROAD!!!  OUR WHEELCHAIR!"  I dropped the phone and luckily by the time I got out there it had veered off into the grass and stopped.  Clayton couldn't breathe he was laughing so hard, and even though I explained to the lady on the phone, I'm sure she was thinking I was a complete nut!

**After therapy, we went Krogering.  I've only ventured to Target with the wheelchair and Jackson, so Kroger was going to be something new.  With the old chair, it seemed to do well with me putting it directly behind the buggy, and letting Clayton essentially push the buggy with Jackson in it.  Not so with the new wheelchair . . . but it took me until the bread aisle to figure out it wasn't going to work like that!  I limped along making a complete fool of myself while we waited to find the groove that would work--we got some stares that's for sure!  I finally ended up pushing Clayton's chair and pulling the buggy.  Which gave the caboose to Jackson--which he didn't like since I was more than two inches away from him.  So to show his displeasure, he constantly needed another snack, and constantly needed his bottle since he was constantly throwing it down on the ground.  Yeah, he knows he's got me . . .

**We lost my list on aisle two, so we had to back track until I found it on the floor.  Backtracking with our train is not fun!

**Jackson threw about half of his cheez-its in the floor in the Easter aisle.  Loved cleaning up that mess!

**The only consolation was that since Clayton was looking so awesome in his chair, several people were commenting on how cute he was (it's been a long time since strangers have fawned over him like they did today).  I think he just looks more comfortable and so "little boy."  It's just so much better!

**And even though Jackson was a stinker, people were fawning over him too--he is definitely a cutie, and he knows it full well!! 

**Thankfully, Jackson fell asleep on the way home and Clayton and I were able to enjoy some quite time unloading the groceries and other chores before he woke back up with renewed energy.  And thankfully, there were no other major happenings for the rest of the evening--I think we all needed the break!

6 comments: said...

Ashley, absolutely hilarious! I can just imagine!!!!!!

Vanessa {Bloom Right Here!} said...

Wow! I feel like I need a nap after reading that. Can't imagine how you felt actually experiencing it. What a day!

Anonymous said...

wow! that sounded fun! josh

Katy said...

Yeah. Just reading that made me tired. I don't even TRY to grocery shop with just Charlie. I can't take the nuttiness.

Patti H said...

ok I am going for my nap now Ashley you totally tired me out! Sounds like you have a new adventure everyday!

Billie said...

LOL. I am just seriously impressed that you still shave your legs!!! I am working on a once a month schedule, and only at night after the girls are in bed!