Thursday, April 08, 2010

This Week

We had a wonderful Easter--the weather was great and the time with family was special.  I tried my best to get a group shot of us, but as group shots normally go, not one turned out to be great of everyone--oh well, at least we're all there together!!  Clayton was laughing at me running back and forth from the camera in my heels!
Jackson spent most of the day clinging to me, but he did find time to climb all over my brother.  And Clayton enjoyed hunting for eggs since he only watched at the church egg hunt. 

This next pic pretty much sums up how the rest of the week has been going.  Jackson is all. over. the. place.  I'm pretty much following behind him putting out fires.  Clayton also has doctor's appointments on three days of this week.  Can't really get anything done when your whole day is scheduled around sitting in a waiting room.
He thinks nothing of climbing in and over things.  Scary what he'll do in the future!!


Anonymous said...

Ahh how sweet! It is about time you have posted something for this week. I know you are busy-n-all Ashley, but I look foward to a post EVERYDAY!haha Love Christy

Nic said...

I give us an A for effort!

Patti H said...

What a great family shot Ashley. You need to get one of the remotes. THat is what we use then the boys think it is fun to hold it and we end up getting lots of shots in a shot time. I love love that one of Jackson in the cupboard.