Saturday, April 17, 2010

He's a Ballplayer, Not a Benchwarmer!

Look at Clayton!  On the ready for any ground ball!!  That's what any tough third baseman looks like--no matter what league you play in!  Today's game was wonderful.  Seeing all the kids out there smiling (most of them at least!), having a blast just being kids, accepted as they are.  Clayton got a little nervous when the coach was putting on his jersey, but after that he warmed up quite well to his helper, Ms. Pam.  I don't think she pushed him around the bases fast enough, but she was able to talk him into wearing his glove longer than I've ever seen him keep something on his left hand, so I say kudos to her!

We've been practicing hitting off a tee, but they didn't use a tee in the game.  Guess we''ll have to do some more practicing with an actual pitcher!  And here he is ready to run at the crack of the bat: 

Playing second:

And just plain having fun:

I can't wait for next Saturday's game!


Yankee said...

Look at him!

Nic said...

Good Job Clayton. You look like a professional. Hope I spelled that right =)

Patti H said...

Go Clayton Go! Love the photos Ashley you really captured the first game

TheRextras said...

Outstanding! We have a tee-ball org here where volunteers run with the players. Barbara

Katy said...

Wow. Great pictures! He looks just like any old ball player. I can't imagine Charlie ever doing something like that.

Cheri Pryor said...

Well that just totally warms my heart!! GO, CLAYTON!!