Saturday, April 03, 2010

Ten Months

17 pounds, 2 1/2 ounces (10th percentile)
28 3/4 inches long (75th percentile)
(tall, but tiny!)

I really can't believe that Jackson is ten months old today!  He has opened our eyes in so many refreshing ways, he is truly a blessing and miracle to our family.  His little personality is emerging more and more each day, I love learning all the little details that are special to only him.  Thank you, Lord, for the beautiful gift that is our baby son!

Jackson is . . .

**now smiling with eight teeth

**standing for brief moments without any support

**a future climber--his leg hikes up, just can't quite get on top of most things

**waving constantly, yelling "HEY!" to everyone

**saying Da-da, a couple of times with true meaning

**constantly babbling about something, telling me many stories even as we ride in the car

**determined that "NO" means "YES!"

**still loving the taste of dog food (see previous)

**loving the dog, although she runs and hides whenever he gets near

**determined to feed himself--shuns baby food

**finally acclimated to the church nursery (big YAY on that one!)

**finally enjoying the attention of strangers--loves flashing his grin at them

**still attached to his comfort item, the ever-present bottle

**still waking at night, but drifts back off with just a few comforting touches

**still the cutest little stinker around.  :)


Adoption of Jane said...

What an adorable pic! Happy Ten Months Jackson!!

Nic said...

I agree! See y'all tomorrow!

lori said...

hi Ashley! that baby is getting so big and what a doll! i hope this finds you and Brian well and that Clayton is becoming a fine young man! miss ya tons!

Patti H said...

wow ten months already? He is surely charmer just like his big brother