Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Baseball: Here He Comes!!

Clayton's practicing for his first ballgame this weekend!  You can tell by that pursed lip that he's concentrating!  I've been looking forward to seeing him participate in baseball.  The soccer league was a bit of challenge with him having little to no use of his legs--it'll be fun to see him race around the bases in his chair!!! 
He can hit the ball on his own, but he's really more interested in taking the tee apart . . . I just hope stagefright doesn't get him those first couple of games since he tends to tense up around strangers.  I'm praying the fun involved will help him loosen up immediately so he can make friends with his coaches and buddies!

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Patti H said...

he is the cutest all star I have laid my eyes on! Love that Clayton gets to participate in all the different sports etc. I am sure Jackson is going to be his biggest fan too!