Thursday, February 03, 2011

Still Scrapbooking . . .

Although not near as often as I'd like, and not near as thoughtfully as I'd like!  Back in the old days I had lots of time to think about what I wanted my layouts to "say" about a certain subject, and had plenty of time to execute the vision perfectly (or what seemed to be perfect at the time!).  But these days, I'm just glad to put pictures down on some colored paper and call myself creative!  I love so much of the work I've done in the past, but I wouldn't go back and wish for that time again.  Know why I had all that time on my hands?  Because I had one very sick child who had therapists in and out, and who couldn't do much more than lay around.  We hung out, listening to music and singing as I put pictures and paper together.  Putting all that energy into a creative outlet helped me keep what little bit of sanity I had at the time.  And it still will through this phase of my life, but in a totally different way. 

Tips on how I've sped up my scrapbooking:
1.  I've used my blog as a reference point:  Before the last two crops I've attended, I've printed off journaling to have and hand copy onto my pages once they were done.  (I supposed I could have printed off the journaling instead of handwriting it, but I wasn't sure what color/size, etc. I would need the journaling to be).
2.  Back to old school:  stick with stickers!  I used to use a lot of chipboard in my layouts.  I still *love* chipboard.  But using chipboard usually requires paint, drying time, etc.  I really don't like hauling all my paints around to crops so I've just been using bare chipboard, already finished chipboard, or skipping it all together.  I do try to dress up my stickers.  I use pop dots constantly and usually ink up my stickers to give them some dimension. 
3.  My old friends, The Brads:  I've always used brads on my pages, but it's amazing what kind of finishing touch a couple of brads add to a layout.  I learned a long time ago a simple way to step up any page was to "anchor" the elements of the layout (give it a sense of being attached to the page instead of just floating).  Best way I know how to anchor any element is to nail it down with a brad!! 

I usually don't do many Christmas layouts, but was inspired since 2009 was Jackson's first Christmas.

Even found the energy to get a two-pager done:

Yes, I still use flowers on boy pages:

And my favorites, which I never sit down and do anymore--a couple of cards to add to my depleted collection of homemade ones to send to friends and family!


Patti H said...

wow you scrapping maniac!! I can't even pick a favorite. I love them all. Way to go. I really have to get back to scrapping too!!

Kelli said...

wow these are awesome! And I have Christmas logged, unscrapped since forever....2005 maybe. Yeah I need to get on that. I have the photos printed too.. I know I'm pathetic. But I did recently purchase an American Craft Red album to be strickly dedicated to Christmas...maybe tonight. maybe. I think the computer has depleted my time scrappin', w fb and blogs....ugh. anyways I'm with you :) that is why we should have a reunion in Atlanta or something of SJ girls to get some scrappin' done. Who am I kiddin' we'd chat and never get anything done at all :) LOL

Christina VanGinkel said...

Inspiring me to actually do some scrapping instead of just thinking about it! I have been crocheting again, but so want to do some real scrapping...these are beautiful Ashley!