Saturday, February 05, 2011

5/52 Muse

This week's Project52 theme was Muse.  (They seem to be getting harder!!)  I thought about it all week.  Where does my inspiration come from?  Music was one big answer that kept popping into my head; but in the end, I always came back to my boys.  And in particular, Clayton.  Talk about inspiration!  Because of him, I look at life from a totally different perspective.  This woman, who has always been a rule-follower and never colored outside the lines, has slowly evolved into a woman who is learning to think outside the box.  A woman learning to see and enjoy the gray areas of life instead of always seeing things as completely black or completely white.  I am continually learning from him--learning more about my present self and how I can change to become a better version of me!
Clayton on Friday

This most precious boy.  He greets each day with excitement ("Momma, what are we going to do? Where are we going?").  And he hasn't let any disability get in his way of living and loving life! 


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Amy said...

He is so cute! I linked to your blog from Ellen and Max's. My Emma is a lot like Clayton. I think Clayton is more verbal, and I am know that he is easier to understand. We are continuing to believe for more though. I am a Christian too, and I homeschool Emma as well. I used to scrapbook more, but... Oh, I can't carry a tune in a bucket. My Emma loves to sing though. Just wanted to say, "Hello." We will be following your blog.