Friday, February 11, 2011

He'd Rather Be Swimming

We were so glad to get out of the house yesterday, that Brian and I assumed Jackson would be up for any activity in the snow.  We were wrong!  Before we even got Clayton outside, Brian threw Jackson on the disc and pushed him down the driveway.  He was NOT a happy camper!  So then Brian decided he might like it as long as he had someone with him.  Wrong again!   Clayton, on the other hand, was glad to go down with Daddy multiple times.
But for the most part, Jackson stood in the garage pouting and crying for me to hold him.  And I had to force both of them against their will to take a picture with me!
I've learned with these last snows that Jackson is definitely a warm weather kid.  Both times he has preferred playing inside over romping in the snow.  I guess spring can't get here soon enough for him!

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Patti H said...

great photos Ashley or should I say Brian too? Funny about Jackson and the snow. Thankfully our boys love the snow!