Monday, February 21, 2011

Jason Crabb!

Well, Clayton had some kind of special Saturday night!  We heard that Jason Crabb was coming to town last week, and I considered it a God-thing when we were able to get front row seats to his concert.  Jason originally sang with his siblings, but has been out on his own these last few years.  And while we really came to love his music by watching the Gaither DVDs, his musical style isn't just limited to Southern Gospel.  He plays all over the board, and does a superb job on anything he sings/plays.  He is truly blessed with God-given talent and definitely annointed to spread The Word through song.
Clayton goes in cycles with his Gaither DVDs, but the one we've been watching for the last two months has Jason singing two or three songs and speaking on it.  It is with this exposure that Clayton has become currently obessesed with Jason. 

We were hanging out at our seats when someone found out Clayton was a fan of Jason's. They quickly sent word to Jason himself, and the next thing you know he's walking up with a photo signed just for Clayton. When Clayton realized who it was, he was just plain giddy!  He was beside himself and really didn't even know what to think!! 

Jason left our seats and went straight up to the stage for his first song--naturally, it was then that I started boo-hooing!  I just love these special moments for Clayton!!!  There simply aren't any words to describe how incredibly blessed we are to have him; and simply put, I want him to have an unlimited number of these awesome moments in life.  In some ways, I guess I'm hoping they'll maybe half way make up for all the battles he has had to fight physically.   (And if this is how emotional I get with Jason Crabb, how am I going to be when Clayton meets The Homecoming Friends in May???!!!)

In his usual manner, Clayton was watching EVERYTHING.  He watched everyone on stage, and of course all the people around us.  But Jason really got his attention when he started playing the blues (Clayton is also currently obsessed with Stevie Ray Vaughn--because he also has a wide taste in music!); and he rocked Clayton's world when he started singing "Jesus on the Mainline" (one of Clayton's favorites).  I thought Clayton was going to be healed right then and jump right out of his chair he was so excited! 
He would just look at us every once in a while like "is this really happening?!" 

Brian and I both agreed that this is probably one of the best concerts we've been to.  The musicians were UBER-talented--they didn't have a set list, and even played a few on the fly when requested from the audience.  True pros who went with the flow of the Holy Spirit.
And of course, Jason Crabb is now on that list of mine.  That list of people who have treated my baby with some extra special lovin' that is priceless.  Warms this Momma's heart to no end.


Patti H said...

love this post Ashley

Leslie said...

how wonderfully precious! what a beautiful memory for your family. I love the look of awe and amazement on Clayton's face!

Amy said...

Clayton is so handsome. I love this.