Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bumps in the Road

With the nicer weather, Clayton is getting more time to drive the power chair in the wide open spaces of our neighborhood.  Only he doesn't want wide open spaces. 
He wants a whole lot of bumps that he can drive over and back, several hundred times in an afternoon.  We've managed to get him going down the street, but every. single. driveway curb has to be plowed over--forward, then back, forward, then back.  And he keeps a close eye on those tires:  who knew the excitement of going over a curb?!

His heart's true desire is to four-wheel right through everyone's yard, but I think we finally have him convinced the neighbors might not like him very much if he did that.

So our "walks" down the street go quite slow these days with a detour at every house.  We don't mind a bit, since we're letting him catch up for lost time. 


Patti H said...

Too cute. Although I am a bit jealous you all are outside without coats on. We still have a ton of snow in our yards.

Stacy said...

LOL It is just too funny he wants to go 4x4ing over the yards etc. That is just awesome Ashley!

Karen Mills said...

Every trip will be a great adventure!