Thursday, February 24, 2011

No, Momma, No!

This is pretty much all I've heard out of Jackson's mouth for the last three days.  Anything that is my idea is a total no-go in his opinion, but his ideas are always great . . . and it's the. end. of. the. world. if he doesn't get to follow through with his plans.  Needless to say, we've had a lot of drama as a result.  Drama in the grocery store, drama at the library, drama at the restaurant.  And a ton of drama here at home.  I'm thinking the terrible twos are here a bit early!


Patti H said...

OH. My. Gosh. What a priceless photo. I can't stop but giggle at it. He is just so adorable

Stacy said...

LOL what a little turkey! Logan went through a phase where he did not want to go into the car. He would scream "Help!!!" while crying. Made it look like I was trying to kidnap the child. lol

Leslie said...

I'm thinking my son is in a constant state of the terrible twos...and he's 10