Saturday, February 19, 2011

7/52 Open Your Heart

I had a couple of great ideas for this week's theme, but actually getting a photograph that depicted them proved past my logistical abilities this week.  Therefore, I stuck with applying the theme within in our own little family. 

As I try to type my words for this post, I actually get a little tounge tied.  How do I explain without getting all teary?  Clayton isn't "close" to anyone his age.  It's not like he has a "best friend" that he plays with each day.  He has "friends" at church, but his peers just simply aren't mature enough yet to have a true relationship with him.  His relationships right now are all with people much older than him.  It's not anyone's fault, just the way it is.  The kids at church do include him, but the real relationships haven't begun to grow yet.  

One Exception

This is why I love watching him with Jackson.  And Jackson with him, for that matter.  Jackson has no pre-conceived notions.  He accepts Clayton exactly how he is and expects the same from him as he would anyone else in his world.  And over time, Clayton has slowly let Jackson into his realm--lets him get by with stuff no one else could accomplish.  Like all the hugging and crawling into his space, for instance.  And I've seen it with Clayton's chairs as well.  I'll be honest:  part of it is me.  I see Clayton's chairs as an extension of his body.  The wheels ARE his legs, so I don't see the chair as a toy at all (and I can be pretty ruthless about too, but that's another story!).  But Clayton has always been particular about it too.  He gets all out of sorts if someone is in his "blue chair."  However, I've seen him give a little on this rule as he has grown to love Jackson.  He wants Jackson to ride with him, and doesn't even flinch if Jackson sits in his blue chair.  So I wasn't surprised when he wanted to "show Jackson" how to drive the power chair the other day.  I think he's starting to take this big brother thing quite seriously!  And even I don't mind him making this exception to the rule . . . I think it's what having a brother is all about.


Karen Mills said...

I have always loved watching the relationship between my children. It's so beautiful. I'm so glad you get to see the same thing.

Patti H said...

It takes a while for the big brother role to really kick in. We find the same with Max and Ben too. Love the photo Ashley and I love your new blog header photo too!! Your boys are so beautiful

Kristina said...

What a beautiful relationship siblings have! Emma doesn't talk in addition to her disabilities so relationships are different for her than her sister. Julia asked me the other day who Emma's best friend was and I was at a loss.

It's great to see that boys have the same type of relationship as my girls. Family sure is great to have around!

I love the new blog look.