Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010: Best Christmas Ever!

As per tradition, we began our Christmas Eve with the candlelight service at our church.  It is always such a special service . . . the calm before the storm, so to speak.  And definitely the moment we reflect on the true reason behind the season of Christmas, Jesus' birth.  Thank you, Lord, for your gift.

And then.

And then, the chaos begins!  The kids just almost burst during dinner they are so excited about the presents!  They can't get through with their food fast enough.  The first order of business is always The Passing Out of the Presents.  The craziness of "where are you sitting?"  "whose present is this?"  "what name does that say?" just about wears a body out! 

But of course, their energy is full-steam ahead when they are finally given the all-clear to open their gifts.

Jackson is at that stage when he opens a gift and wants to play with that one right then.  Forget opening up the others!
Even amid the chaos, it's exciting watching them be surprised and so thankful they finally received "Just What I Always Wanted." 


Christmas morning was such a blessing.  We actually slept in because Clayton had a rough night with his legs hurting.  But when Jackson finally discovered the tent that Santa had left in the living room, there was no keeping Clayton in bed.  Neither one of them knew what to think of it until Daddy got in there and showed them the ropes.  After that, they didn't want to come out!  So they opened most of their gifts from inside the tent!

We took our time with the opening of the gifts.  This year was different.  Clayton is older.  He understands more this year what's happening at Christmas.  Talks about Santa (you know . . . "where's Santa's truck at?").  And Jackson is just so special for us.  This year it was like watching us from the outside---a magical feeling came over me.  Finally feeling as if we've arrived at a place that many of our peers have been at for years.  It felt good.  Brian and I discussed it at the end of our long day and we both knew this year was unique.  Thank you, Lord, forTHIS gift as well.
Santa left "spy glasses" in the boys' stockings--Jackson liked wearing them around but had to keep his head tilted in order to keep them on!
 More stocking stuffers:
 And of course, helping Daddy:
 He got meticulous:
 Daddy's turn to spy:

I've never declared it before, and neither has Brian, but Christmas 2010 has definitely been the Best. Christmas. Ever. for our family!


Stacy said...

Awww what an amazing Christmas for you guys! I can not believe just how big the boys are!! sending love and hugs to you and yours!

Jes said...

Merry Christmas Ashley, it looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! and the boys are getting so so big!!

Patti H said...

beautiful photos and post to go with it.

Lee-Ellen said...

this made me cry happy tears! i'm so glad you guys had a wonderful Christmas! hugs!!