Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Busy Couple of Days

Every week seems busy, but these last couple of days seemed to have been stepped up a notch.  We had the Homeschoolers' Christmas Party yesterday at our church and since I was in charge, I had my hands full!  And even though it was chaotic from my perspective, everyone enjoyed themselves greatly.

We went caroling at the nursing home (we interuppted Glamour Shots in the activity room--who knew they did Glamour Shots in the nursing home?!)  The kids in our group were great about approaching the residents.  They had all made cards and seemed very proud to spread the good cheer of Christmas.  After caroling, we played a good game of relay, had a scavenger hunt, and exchanged ornaments.  It was a jam-packed afternoon!  Jackson, for his part, mainly just walked around and ate junk food while I coordinated the party.  Thankfully, there were plenty of little girls around ready to mother him to death in my absence.  Clayton seems to be making "friends" in his own way.  The other kids are doing better and better about just including him on their own instead of me asking or reminding them.  I can't say any actual bonding is happening yet, but at least it's a start. 

After I got the party wrapped up, I rushed to my grandparents' church so I could sing for their Christmas party.  I haven't had much of a voice this week, so I was glad when I managed to hit all the notes without a scratch in my voice.  I just wish that unfortunate event with the CD hadn't happened (for me to know and for you to just wonder what went wrong!). 

Today, we get to go to our fourth doctor's appointment in a week.  Why do Clayton's check ups always crop up together on the calendar?  And why don't I ever think to get them changed to the same day?  Oh yeah!  It's because I hate being at that hospital even long enough for one appointment in a day, much less two!  I have to spread my time out there or I'd go ballistic sitting in those waiting rooms!


Anonymous said...

It had to be better than the unfortunate cassette tape incident at your wedding, lol.


Patti H said...

sounds like you all had a nice time at the Christmas Party. I hope where every I end up when I am old that I get to do glamour shots!!

P.S. Why no pics with this post. It just not the same without seeing your adorable little boys photos!

Cheri Pryor said...

All I'm coming away with from this post is the glamour shots. Why is this so completely hilarious to me?? LOL!!