Sunday, December 19, 2010

And Christmas Begins

Yesterday, we began our Christmas celebration with my Dad's family at my Grandparents' house.  We always have this gathering a week early, but usually on Sunday.  But in the last few years, that has coincided with our church Christmas program, so I was glad when my Grandmother moved it to Saturday.  We were able to eat and relax without having to rush off to get ready for choir. 

Patterns seem to be emerging at this particular gathering of people.  The kids keep the house hopping and there is never a dull moment.  They play hard the entire time.
But of course, they have begun taking technology breaks.  And Jackson is no different.  Taylor was giving him a lesson on an iPhone app (maybe Angry Birds?) and he was taking it very seriously. 
There is always music in the house since every child has to lay their hands on the piano at least once!

And my brother walks around serenading everyone with his latest song.

Almost always, a lot of wrestling happens--just all-around rough housing.  It's amazing no one gets hurt!

And then the chaos of the presents begins:
It's hard for Clayton to concentrate with all the commotion, but he did manage to help me open up most of his gifts this year. 

Jackson liked showing off his new pajamas:
Mom told me he started shaking with excitement when he realized this dog was under the wrapping paper.  I wish we had had the video camera out!
In the end, I usually beg everyone to let me take their picture just once.  I only get a few takers each year. 

Jackson with his Aunt Nicole:

My cousin Stephanie, with my niece, Heidi:

Stephanie, with Clayton and my niece, Taylor. 

Clayton put me off as usual!

I was so glad my parents agreed to a picture this year:

Now we just look forward to next weekend and the continuation of the Christmas activities!


Kelli said...

so sweet. I love all your pics! Are these photos with a 24-70mm lens? Just curious :) Hope you are doing well! merry christmas!

Patti H said...

awww this is such a happy post. Loved sharing your day with you. Your pics are always so beautiful